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Help Needed Immediately to Occupy and Defend Trees Hastings/Bexhill

Combe Haven Defenders | 21.12.2012 08:45 | South Coast

Contractors, supported by security and police, are going to attempt to fell trees at Adams Farm, Crowhurst (TN33 9AY). This is one of the last remaining areas with significant number of large trees on the route of the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road.

Security and police reported at the top of the access track, and we believe the footpath from Crowhurst playing field car park has been closed. Other more imaginative routes in to Adams Farm exist: cross-country, from the Upper Wilting Farm direction, even across the partially flooded valley from the Bexhill end.

Note also a significant pocket of trees at risk located near Decoy Pond, half way between Adams Farm and Upper Wilting Farm. To receive info and action reports throughout the day text 07926 423033.

Map on website.

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