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In times of austerity what do they do? Create another £70m animal torture lab

Disgusted | 01.08.2012 10:56 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology

The Government’s agricultural research body is pressing ahead with plans to build the second £100m phase of the new animal research facility at Pirbright in Surrey.

The Institue for Animal Health has started search to sign up the professional construction team ahead of appointing a contractor for the job.

New research facilities are being built to carry out research on animal viruses and need to be built to a very high level of biological containment.

The multi-disciplinary design team will consist of a lead consultant and include an architect, civil and structural engineer, and mechanical and electrical building services engineers.

Presently, Shepherd Construction is building the £100m phase one main livestock laboratories, which are due to become operational in early 2014.

The second of three planned phases was allocated a further £100m of funding by the Government last year despite across the board spending cutbacks.

It is estimated the new lab will cost £70m to build, and will concentrate on avian viruses, particularly those that pose a threat to humans.

Construction is due to start next summer.



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