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Schmallenberg or Nuclear iceberg.

Coral scream | 27.02.2012 12:27 | Anti-Nuclear | Ecology | Health | World

Birth abnormalities and stillbirths are well known in the world of Nuclear Power, not forgetting Leukaemia and various other cancers.

DEFRA are reporting that the recent outbreak of illness and death in livestock is being caused by midge transmission of a virus named after the town in Germany were it was discovered. This virus was first detected last summer in Schmallenberg, 6 months after the Fukushima disaster, and all the nuclear fallout carried by the Jet Stream, most worringly from the core of Reactor 3 which is believed to have been a nuclear explosion that plumed into the sky, Reactor 1 is now under the same scrutiny.

Japanese are currently reporting still births in cattle with reports of animal ailments mirroring those that are now being reported in the UK.

There is currently no blood test to indentify this virus, DEFRA reports.

Grazing animals are at greatest risk from nuclear fallout, there have been reports of elevated levels of radiation in northern Europe after Fuku, although considered not dangerous levels, the problems would build up over time in affected animals and leave the unborn as the most susceptible to failure.

Clearly, MOX is on trial here also if it proves to be correlatively responsible.

Then there is the nightmare scenario of a new danger, the mutant virus. If this is the case, then it may be tooo late already.

Coral scream


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Distracting from the real issue

27.02.2012 13:08

Both the fictional virus scenario and the Fukushima disaster simply serve to distract from the real issue going on behind the scenes. The levels of radiation released by the Fukushima disaster are unable to account for problems this far away, indeed you are far more at risk from radon gas which occurs naturally in the rocks and soil across much of Britain.

What is really happening is experimental chemical mutagens being sprayed from the air in the form of chem trails. Similar still births and physical deformities were seen in humans and animals following the widespread use of Agent Orange and other chemicals during the Vietnam war, 500,000 children have been born with birth defects due to exposure and an even greater number have died in the womb.

It's in the air

H bombshell

27.02.2012 16:36

I apologise for dropping one myself.



chem trails = nutter alert

27.02.2012 16:41

Could the Schmallenberg virus be made by a mutation of another virus caused by radiation? Interesting theory, though viruses do mutate all the time without radiation being involved.


Still distracting from the real issue

27.02.2012 20:04

Radiation is nothing but a bogeyman utilised to keep the dull and stupid misinformed. Your own body is radioactive due to the presence of naturally occurring carbon 14, your back garden is radioactive due to the presence of naturally occurring radon gas which leaches from the soil and rocks. Radioactive isotopes are constantly forming in the atmosphere due to bombardment from cosmic rays and solar winds. Humans have been exposed to radiation for as long as they have walked the earth.

Large scale mutations began appearing with industrialisation alongside research into chemicals in particular pesticides and herbicides. The evidence is right in front of your eyes that the biggest problems are caused by pesticides and herbicides, you only need to look at Vietnam or Bhopal to see the impact that these chemicals have had on humans and animals.

People are hunting for radioactive bogeymen when the real cause of still births and mutations is a chemical one. Most people are unwilling to confront the real causes because it would mean having to make changes to their lifestyle, so they continue to hunt imaginary radioactive bogeymen whilst the Dow Chemical Company and Monsanto continue to poison us all unabated.

It's in the air

chemtrails doesnt= nutter alert many serving & ex military personel agree

28.02.2012 01:23

I come from a RAF family though none with HM@ mo I have spoken to people serving today& had basic training myself, "chemtrails" weather manipulation is happening& though a weapon of war are banned, though its vague when it comes to weather manipulation which has been recorded with cloudseeding in the 1960s of cuba to mass cloudseeding in China. Normally jets release contrails that dissipate easily, chemtrails usually dont & are often visible, the jurys out. Some thinks its silver iodide or dry ice weather manipulation to stop climate change others think its worse,the juries out still for many. l havent been able to research links to the virus outbreak, but general erosions of our immune systems from chemicals could only help radioactive mutations, scientists call this the synergy effect.
Try reading, of course clarification isnt easy& I take most chemtrail info with a large pinch of salt.
Best thing to do is keep your eyes peeled& avoid animals higher up the food chain, cheese,milk etc+ vleafy veg that absorb more rainwater, livestock eat & drink alot of rainwater so makes sense the increase in toxic synergy would hit them& be noticed first as most wildlife are not autopsied.

Green syndicalist

re: chem trails

28.02.2012 10:30

I know they have experimented with weather manipulation by seeding clouds etc., but the chem trail conspiracy theory claims that the regular vapour trails you see behind normal aircraft are not just water vapour but mind-altering chemicals. Which is nonsense.


Oh no, not a map...

04.03.2012 14:43

airborne fukushima fallout
airborne fukushima fallout

for further see

The Independent say scientists are warning of virus against equine mammals too. They are all grazing mammals that are of concern.


Losing My Voice

04.03.2012 15:11

Hello, I really think it's time you woke up now.

Screaming Coral

ode to luna(c) - the pool of the rising moon

08.03.2012 18:40

frosty fingertips on the Moon,
the outer reaches of Earth,
with a Luna tick in the orbit of Terra,
an extended arm is required to make an eclipse.

with Terra being spun like a Luna - sea water machine,
revolve and rotate,
through the gates of the sun,
a transit with 20/20 vision.

Twice weekly Yew,
When quizzed worryingly,
Where would a werewolf wear a watch?
One would wonder, Why one, wood want two?

It is you, that is mistaken, Sir...It is you, that has mistook.
It is the particles not the radiation,
you stupid Fukushima fan! Fix that!
Iodine in the water, Caesium in the ground, particulates in the air, Plutonium we don't know where.
From Uranium to Uranus, thy droid children will be done.

(silence) shoots that grow up through the cracks and climb up around the pendulum, that buffer the swing and strangle the motion.
A pendulum with no swing is a dead weight, in a death... Wait.
The winter of dissed con's tents... If only, beware the ides and wrap up.
Land is the answer to everything, as well they know.
And when the pendulum starts to slow,
Some green in the middle of the red blue vision... will follow.