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Schmallenberg or Nuclear iceberg.

Coral scream | 27.02.2012 12:27 | Anti-Nuclear | Ecology | Health | World

Birth abnormalities and stillbirths are well known in the world of Nuclear Power, not forgetting Leukaemia and various other cancers.

DEFRA are reporting that the recent outbreak of illness and death in livestock is being caused by midge transmission of a virus named after the town in Germany were it was discovered. This virus was first detected last summer in Schmallenberg, 6 months after the Fukushima disaster, and all the nuclear fallout carried by the Jet Stream, most worringly from the core of Reactor 3 which is believed to have been a nuclear explosion that plumed into the sky, Reactor 1 is now under the same scrutiny.

Japanese are currently reporting still births in cattle with reports of animal ailments mirroring those that are now being reported in the UK.

There is currently no blood test to indentify this virus, DEFRA reports.

Grazing animals are at greatest risk from nuclear fallout, there have been reports of elevated levels of radiation in northern Europe after Fuku, although considered not dangerous levels, the problems would build up over time in affected animals and leave the unborn as the most susceptible to failure.

Clearly, MOX is on trial here also if it proves to be correlatively responsible.

Then there is the nightmare scenario of a new danger, the mutant virus. If this is the case, then it may be tooo late already.

Coral scream