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Occupy Your Heart! Reclaim Love - Sat 18th Feb

Reclaim Love | 15.02.2012 00:45 | Occupy Everywhere | Culture | Free Spaces | Oxford

Reclaim Love events will be taking place around the UK and globally on Saturday 18th Feburary 2012.

Occupy Your Heart! Reclaim Love - Sat 18th Feb
Occupy Your Heart! Reclaim Love - Sat 18th Feb

UK Events (for more details see ):

London - 2pm sharp meet up

Location: ErosStatue, Piccadilly Circus

The most Heart warming Free event of the Winter and possibly the year as we link up the Love world wide and celebrate the best thing on Earth. Come. Wrap up brightly and be early as you may get a Free tshirt. All Welcome!!!

Oxford - Time: 1pm - 6pm

Location: the Plain

Reclaim Love Oxford the Second - February sunshine, mellow vibes, peaceful people, Woodstock atmosphere, on a Roundabout!!! Bring friends and family down to the annual Love Vibration raising event at the meeting point of Cowley, Iffley & st Clements roads. All Welcome!

Glastonbury - Time: 2pm-4pm

Location: Glastonbury Tor

This will be the second year we go up the tor to Reclaim Love it will undoubtedly be another magical and inspiring event which everyone brings together and shares along with the astounding view. Looking forward to looking to love with you all again x!/events/269231463137090/

Totnes - Time: 2pm-9pm

Location: The Rotherfold, High Street

After a first successful Reclaim Love in Totnes last year, we intend to co-create again a peaceful and joyful celebration. At 3.30 pm there will be a circle joining hands, hearts and voices saying: MAY ALL THE BEINGS IN ALL THE WORLDS BE HAPPY AND AT PEACE (all Reclaim Love circles in the world synchronizing as a big universal family) Bring acoustic instruments to jam, banners with sayings that inspire universal love, crystals, smiles, chalk, colorful and original outfits, face painting, free hugs, whatever your open heart wants to share! Be part of it, let´s make it big and beautiful! We are allowed to be the beautiful being you are!!!!! Spread the word!!! Peace and Love x!/events/180228938751425/

Carmarthen - Time: 2pm - 4pm

Location: Notts Square

Reclaim Love Carmarthen

Manchester - Time: 1.30pm

Location: manchester picadilly gardens

Bring what you expect to find! Friends, music, love, laughter, glitter, sparkles, fairy wings, bubbles, chalk, face-paints, food and drink to share, children... and much much more.... Circle at 3pm to invoke: "May all the beings in all the worlds be happy and at peace"

Reclaim Love
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