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Bob Lambert talk disrupted

off the pig | 11.02.2012 21:30 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Policing

Ex-informant turned academic, Bob Lambert, faced heckling and embarrassment in St. Andrews during his first public engagement since news broke regarding the son he fathered with an activist.

On Thursday 9th February two animal rights activists disrupt a talk in St. Andrews by recently 'outed' police spy Bob Lambert.

Bob Lambert, who worked deep undercover in the London animal rights and environmental political scene, is one of many recently exposed undercover police in the UK radical political scene. Whilst serving in the Metropolitan police, Bob Lambert infiltrated London Greenpeace and animal rights groups with the intent of disrupting their activities. During his time undercover Bob Lambert also fathered a child with a fellow activist whilst withholding information about his true identity and intent. Two years after the child's birth Bob Lambert left the activist scene and returned to a conventional policing role.

Almost twenty years later Bob Lambert poses as a 'progressive academic' and sat on a panel at his home university, the University of St. Andrews, for a talk titled 'Overcoming Obstacles: Counter-Terrorism Police and Community Engagement.' Several activists leafleted the talk outside handing out leaflets that read:

''Do you think it's alright to…trick someone into a romantic relationship so that you can spy on them and their friends?…lie to them and everyone else about your identity in order to do so?…maintain this pretence of love and trust for more than a year? …have a child with your deceived 'partner' and then abandon the child for decades while concealing your identity from them?

Robert Lambert, the man speaking before you seems to think that this is acceptable behaviour for a public servant. He engaged in all of them during his years as an officer with the Metropolitan Police, sent to spy on peaceful environmental and animal rights campaigns. Perhaps this is Lambert's idea of 'community engagement.'

Is it yours?''

As soon as Bob Lambert started his talk two animal rights activists stormed out after shouting and pointing at Bob Lambert phrases like, 'shame!', 'where is your son, Bob?' and 'sex is not community engagement!.' Audience members reported him as startled and mumbled the first section of his speech.

We were thrilled.

We challenge the State's use of womyn's bodies; all animals are equal regardless of gender or species.

Go vegan.

off the pig