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Legal help required

Occupy Lancaster | 09.01.2012 16:48

Can anyone suggest competent solicitors/barristers to take police to court?

Following the illegal eviction of Occupy Lancaster's squat yesterday (see we are still awaiting the release of our comrades. If charges are brought for criminal damage then we are pretty confident of demolishing the case in court. If they are not then we are interested in bringing legal action against the police for wrongful arrest and/or breach of s6 CLA 1977. Can anyone recommend solicitors/barristers experienced in this kind of work?Bindmans have declined and Birds haven't got back to us yet.

Occupy Lancaster
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solicitors and barristers

09.01.2012 20:43

BINDMANS LLP AND HODGE JONES AND ALLEN for solicitors and barristers garden court has dozens of deacent counsel from stephnie harrison to marc muller to stephen kaffiler Qc or if unable to instruct garden court there are plenty of good counsel at doughty street chambers and or 2 hare court chambers :) hope this helps if you want to sue the police id sugest oliver dykes of strafford law ltd firm he is one of londons best at legal action against the police

counsel from hell

solicitors that also maybe able to help

09.01.2012 21:10

After checking my legal directory iv found some that maybe able to help They are . . . Bhatt murphy solicitors they can be contacted on 0207 7729 1117 Mail@ howells llp 0114 249 6666 david grays solicitors 0191 232 9547 Ben hoar bell 0191 275 2626 And beesley and company 0800 975 4545 And strafford law ltd they can talk counsel for you too hope this helps if you need anyhelp give the newcastle occupy an email and ask for jon and ill help out more if i can

counsel from hell

Would recommend...

10.01.2012 09:38

Stefano Ruis or colleagues at Fisher Meredith solicitors in London.


not section 6

11.01.2012 21:04

Section 6 of the Criminal Law Act 1977 does stop threatening, unauthorised violent entry to the building if squatters oppose it.

However, a bailiff or police executing a possession order would not be considered unauthorised.
At the end of the day, the owners have to have a way of getting their building back and that is it. It would be crazy if a squatter could squat a building forever against the intentions of the owner, so they are going to get you out at some point legally.