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Legal help required

Occupy Lancaster | 09.01.2012 16:48

Can anyone suggest competent solicitors/barristers to take police to court?

Following the illegal eviction of Occupy Lancaster's squat yesterday (see we are still awaiting the release of our comrades. If charges are brought for criminal damage then we are pretty confident of demolishing the case in court. If they are not then we are interested in bringing legal action against the police for wrongful arrest and/or breach of s6 CLA 1977. Can anyone recommend solicitors/barristers experienced in this kind of work?Bindmans have declined and Birds haven't got back to us yet.

Occupy Lancaster
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  1. solicitors and barristers — counsel from hell
  2. solicitors that also maybe able to help — counsel from hell
  3. Would recommend... — Bob
  4. not section 6 — morow