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Bring the movement back to life

AR Struggle! | 19.12.2011 18:09 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Animal Liberation

A plea for smaller groups to come together and put an end to the murder!

This is a call for Stop Sequani Animal Testing to come back to life and start making regular visits to the lab, I believe that the movement is starting to be split up nationally and I think we need to start getting back to how it was a few years back! Constant demos either that of noise demos, picketing or marches....after a bit of time and patience I think we can become a strong force, lets get back on to the streets and let them know that our voices will continue to haunt them until they stop vivisection all over the UK! Let us give the voiceless a voice once again, have one final push towards the abolition of vivisection labs. We should target all suppliers of both animals and equipment, but most importantly, the labs themselves! It will be extremely sad to see the movement die out, and this is a plead for it to get back up to full strength. Direct action = Direct results. They’re getting away with murder and I don’t think we give smaller labs like Sequani the grief they deserve, after all they are the ones who will be committing worse crimes!

AR Struggle!


You're at it again Roy

21.12.2011 07:58

Now, Now Roy. You can't go through posts and comments like this hiding the comments that make you look bad.

By the way do you think it's acceptable to post under another name and then edit the posts of the people who have a different opinion to yours in an attempt to make yourself look better ?

It's a shame to see you have still not learnt from the (cough) last episode (cough)

Have a nice day

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