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Dale Farm: An End to the Legal Process? A Call to the Baricades!

Dale Farm Activist | 13.10.2011 01:56 | Dale Farm | Analysis | Anti-racism | Social Struggles

An article about the situation at dale farm. Highlighting the seeming finality of the legal process and a realization that eviction may be imminent. A call on activists to join the struggle, and an attempt to solidify Dale Farms Place in the broader dialogue of eviction resistance and class struggle.

Work on the Baricades
Work on the Baricades

Stop the Eviction
Stop the Eviction


Activists from 19th September
Activists from 19th September

Today the last battle in the legal process to prevent the eviction of Dale farm was lost at the high court; whilst an appeal to the decision of Judge Ouseley can be made, the injunction preventing a small army of Bailiffs entering the site has now been lifted. Only a promise by the leader of Basildon’s Tory council, Tony Ball, that the eviction will not begin before Monday 17th stands between Dale farm residents and immediate homelessness. Lawyers are putting in a request for an appeal on Friday, but the odds are stacked against us; and once again the residents of Dale Farm will be living under threat of imminent eviction.

The entire legal process has been a long and arduous one for both residents and activists alike - for some, it offered a small glint of hope in a system weighted entirely against them, whilst for others it was a dis-empowering process which has gone above the heads of those motivated to direct action and grass roots resistance.

But the struggle will not end here. Outside the courts, activists and residents alike are preparing to resist another Tory backed eviction; both to save dale farm, and to send a message to those seeking to attack the working class that we are prepared to fight. Tonight dale farm is a flashpoint in the on-going class struggle.

In this time of economic crisis, an evidently authoritarian government with a self-satisfying agenda to defend the rich at all costs is drawing battle lines left right and centre; Dale Farm is now one of those battle lines. Since the backlash against working class families in the wake of the London riots (spearheaded by a process of council house evictions) we have all become accustomed to the site of bailiffs at the doors of our friends, our communities, and ourselves. This will only get worse, as the economic crisis continues, and the rich seek ways to expropriate even greater amounts of personal property for themselves.

Dale farm is part of this struggle against evictions, part of this battle against homelessness, and part of the wider war between rich and poor. Beyond this though Dale Farm is also part of the fight against the vitriolic racism faced by travellers everywhere.

Although there is still chance of reprieve through an appeal to the high court, activists at Dale Farm are preparing for an imminent eviction resistance. We are calling on all those who care about Dale Farm, all those who want to fight racism, and all those wanting to stand strong against the Tory strategy of forced homelessness for ordinary people, to join us at the barricades this weekend and help in preparing a diversity of tactics for the resistance. We may yet have time to organise, but we may have to stand and fight. Black Clothing Advised.

Dale Farm Activist


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Bailliffe company

13.10.2011 02:34

Who is/are the balliffe company/ies contracted to carry out this pogrom?
See you at the barricades comrades.
Resist the social & ethnic cleansing!!


bailiff company

13.10.2011 06:46

Constant & co I think :(


The Ballifs

13.10.2011 08:32

The company are indeed Constant a Co, for those who don't know C&C are a particular notorious company with a very violent history, and who have in the past been known to take actions such as pushing down tripods with people in them, burning down the homes of travelers and seriously hurting children. For those unable to come down, solidarity actions against the company, it's employees, and it's HQ are greatly appreciated.

Dale Farm Activist

How about a mob of us going up to the Baliffs HQ and doing the place over?

13.10.2011 15:42

How about getting a big mob of us and going up to the Baliffs headquarters and doing the place over? Come we can do it!

Baliff hater

would be useful if someone posts the bailiff's details

13.10.2011 20:23

All this talk about targeting the bailliffs is fine but if no-one posts their details it is not so likely to happen!

Surely someone must have their name, address, telephone numbers, fax, website, email addresses, etc?


steady fella

13.10.2011 20:31

i recognise you by the way you say "we can do it!" Scene it round ere b4, ezgeez

@Bay Leaf
Nod is as good as a wink

You're a slave and you wont get it til it's too late, thoughts4u!

@Bay Leaf


13.10.2011 20:32

why don't you just find them on a search engine?


Info requested

13.10.2011 21:24

Constant & Company
66 Harpur Street,
MK40 2RA

(t) 01234 340091
(f) 01234 301299



Constant and Co contact details

13.10.2011 21:26

Constant & Company
66 Harpur Street,
MK40 2RA

(t) 01234 340091
(f) 01234 301299


Constant & Company
1 Studio Court

(t) 01908 374374
(f) 01908 370073



Companies Involved in the Eviction

14.10.2011 00:11

The following companies listed below are all profiting from the eviction, solidarity actions are much appreciated, the phone numbers of all the companies are listed below more details should be available online. An organised phone blockade of any of these companies demanding the reasons for their involvement etc would be much appreciated.

H.E Services - Supplying diggers: Tel: 0871 22 70707
Longmarsh- Supplying Mini buses: Tel: (01234) 217833
CW- Supplying generators Tel: free phone 0800 38991911
Garic- Supplying cabins Tel: 01706 826189
Unit Hire -supplying cabins: Tel: 0161 766 8808
Pickerings- Supplying Plant - 01530 271618

Dale Farm Activist


14.10.2011 23:46

the security people constantly in the compound are working class people, a lot of them immigrants, they are not the primary people to target (unless they are fashists), we need the bosses and henchmen, smash up their headquarters and teach them a lesson. Also theres a dog squad coming in regularly, and the dogs aren't treated very nicely (we can hear them in the evenings), a possible action would be to liberate these dogs. It would be doable...


The travellers must obey the law

15.10.2011 02:20

I was on their side until the most recent high court hearing. The judge made it clear that the eviction is fair; they are breaking criminal law by staying there.

Constant and Co will have to behave properly - the worlds media are there.

James Rivers

@ some of the above comments

15.10.2011 04:05

Constant and co do not give a hoot if they got one media jurno in there face or a hundred they are commen thugs of the state and there for be treat as such while they employed by basildon councill they are paid agents of the state so are to be treat as such they have been condemend in the part for ' mindless acts of distruation' Sooo they should be resisted they can attack campaingers and freely get away with it yet i hit one i get done its the rich mans rules . . . . Well anyhow i start to rant a bit so i end . . Good luck to all at dale farm

the legal eagle bailiff buster


15.10.2011 10:07

Bailiffs are working class, but they are class traitors, they enact the rules of the rich to displace the poor; furthermore many Constant and co employees work for free at traveler evictions because they enjoy the violence and see it as "training" these are nasty bastards who would hurt you if they got the chance; don't forget that- they should be treated how we'd treat fascists.

Dale Farm Activist

SOLIDARITY with people of Essex, and Constant & Co

15.10.2011 16:28

Constant & Co are simply doing their job! The Irish Travellers must find a new site. They have had ten years to find a new place,

I think we should help with logistics to get them a new site. Help with transport, food etc.

I love IndyMedia, and hope it's okay for me to have a dissenting view.

If you are going to resist the bailiffs, be PEACEFUL. Give out hugs and flowers, not violence.

This clearly isn't ethnic cleansing as alternative housing is being offered. So, it's not their first choice, but think of all the homeless people around the world, who would relish the opprotunity for shelter.

The Dale Farm activism is staring to wear really thin now, folks.

James Rivers

bailiffs etc.

18.10.2011 02:45

hi, 1, they didn't put the hard standing Basildon council did, 2, the buildings?, if you take away the 2 layers of bricks at the bottom of any of the so called buildings they are static trailers, if you wish to see why we are so concerned about the bailiffs put in to utube- minty meadowlands- there are two vids, filmed few years back, peace, the land is to contaminated ever go back to green belt land.

Minty challis
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