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Dale Farm: An End to the Legal Process? A Call to the Baricades!

Dale Farm Activist | 13.10.2011 01:56 | Dale Farm | Analysis | Anti-racism | Social Struggles

An article about the situation at dale farm. Highlighting the seeming finality of the legal process and a realization that eviction may be imminent. A call on activists to join the struggle, and an attempt to solidify Dale Farms Place in the broader dialogue of eviction resistance and class struggle.

Work on the Baricades
Work on the Baricades

Stop the Eviction
Stop the Eviction


Activists from 19th September
Activists from 19th September

Today the last battle in the legal process to prevent the eviction of Dale farm was lost at the high court; whilst an appeal to the decision of Judge Ouseley can be made, the injunction preventing a small army of Bailiffs entering the site has now been lifted. Only a promise by the leader of Basildon’s Tory council, Tony Ball, that the eviction will not begin before Monday 17th stands between Dale farm residents and immediate homelessness. Lawyers are putting in a request for an appeal on Friday, but the odds are stacked against us; and once again the residents of Dale Farm will be living under threat of imminent eviction.

The entire legal process has been a long and arduous one for both residents and activists alike - for some, it offered a small glint of hope in a system weighted entirely against them, whilst for others it was a dis-empowering process which has gone above the heads of those motivated to direct action and grass roots resistance.

But the struggle will not end here. Outside the courts, activists and residents alike are preparing to resist another Tory backed eviction; both to save dale farm, and to send a message to those seeking to attack the working class that we are prepared to fight. Tonight dale farm is a flashpoint in the on-going class struggle.

In this time of economic crisis, an evidently authoritarian government with a self-satisfying agenda to defend the rich at all costs is drawing battle lines left right and centre; Dale Farm is now one of those battle lines. Since the backlash against working class families in the wake of the London riots (spearheaded by a process of council house evictions) we have all become accustomed to the site of bailiffs at the doors of our friends, our communities, and ourselves. This will only get worse, as the economic crisis continues, and the rich seek ways to expropriate even greater amounts of personal property for themselves.

Dale farm is part of this struggle against evictions, part of this battle against homelessness, and part of the wider war between rich and poor. Beyond this though Dale Farm is also part of the fight against the vitriolic racism faced by travellers everywhere.

Although there is still chance of reprieve through an appeal to the high court, activists at Dale Farm are preparing for an imminent eviction resistance. We are calling on all those who care about Dale Farm, all those who want to fight racism, and all those wanting to stand strong against the Tory strategy of forced homelessness for ordinary people, to join us at the barricades this weekend and help in preparing a diversity of tactics for the resistance. We may yet have time to organise, but we may have to stand and fight. Black Clothing Advised.

Dale Farm Activist


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