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Nick Clegg ARSONIST - make this go viral ASAP

Viral ASAP | 15.08.2011 18:49 | August Riots | Analysis | Public sector cuts | Workers' Movements

Nick Clegg ARSONIST - make this go viral ASAP

Nick Clegg lied to the nation, first in promising voters he'd abolish tuition fees, second in promising Lib Dem politics would entail "no more broken promises", before rapidly breaking both promises. Nick Clegg said if the Tories get into power there'll be "a very serious risk" of riots, before forming the coalition that enabled the Tories to get into power! The coalition raised tuition fees to permanently exclude as many working class kids from higher education as possible, forever, and then cut the EMA to make sure any of those already in education would be forced off their courses as soon as practically possible.

David Cameron and Boris Johnson were members of The Bullingdon Club, an upper-class hooligan crew who regularly smashed-up bars and restaurants, safe in the knowledge that being upper-class placed them above the law that they now seek to use against other vandals. Now it turns out Nick Clegg is a convicted ARSONIST.

Please act now to make this video go viral ASAP. Please e-mail this video to all TV, newspaper and radio contacts and to all of your friends -

Viral ASAP


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