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More London uprising.....

The Red Fighter | 09.08.2011 13:48 | August Riots

Its only eight months ago, December 2010, since British students rioted in London and other places, against the David Cameron government introducing educational fees etc. As it isn’t enough, that students has to finance there daily life’s, books, transport etc., when students rioted it was due to al this and other cut downs on the educational sector.


This time its other groups of young people that are rioting against unemployment, class society, poverty, racism, police violence and no perspective etc.

But it isn’t only in London youths and others are demonstrating against the capitalist system and its crises, in Athens, Madrid, Berlin, Cairo and other places the people are feeling the murderous grip of class society and its injustice.

Furthermore: many riot because the Cameron government sacks over 700.000 public employees, there will be consequences.

But the present crisis in the capitalist system is worse than 1929, that’s why the reaction are fiercer and harder, people’s life’s are under threat from unemployment and poverty.

But riot and revolution must be coordinated in order to remove the rotten capitalist system, because of this, the good communist saying; “workers in all countries unite” is truer than ever.

The communist and left wing parties, groups etc. most work across borders to throw over the rotten and decaying body of capitalism. And it’s great to se that the “Capitalist Mother”, the USA is tumbling down due to its own imperialist greed...

Down with capitalism, Red Front!

The Red Fighter


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