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PCS joins J30 strike

phil | 17.06.2011 09:34 | J30 Strike | Public sector cuts

The Public & Commercial Services Union has voted to join the J30 strike, bringing the total number of striking workers up to 750,000. This union is for civil servants including court staff and immigration officers.

The government has wasted no time attacking the strikers, pointing to the low ballot turnout to discredit the result. Hilarious they never manage to point the same finger at low turnouts in general elections.

Personally I'm caught - the coalition to oppose austerity is great and having three quarters of a million people out striking simultaneously will be fantastic. But I'm revolted by the idea that our actions will serve to increase pay conditions for those who professionally lock up and deport our comrades, and a brief look at their strike history suggests they'd scoff at the idea of solidarity strikes in support of other workers' struggles.

I guess these things are never perfect. Bring on J30!!



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