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Bollox to the Royal Wedding! BBQ

Chris | 30.04.2011 20:54 | Culture | Free Spaces | Sheffield

The Fargate Speaker invited Sheffield to a "Bollox to the Royal Wedding! BBQ", on 29th April 2011 and around 90 people turned out, there was lots of nice food, some theatre and some football and some great converstations and meetings of old friends and new ones, and no police to be seen.

I spoke to a lot of people at the event about the looming IMC UK shutdown, see:

The Attempt to Shutdown UK Indymedia

And nobody thought that shutting the IMC UK site was a good idea and many people were shocked to hear about the situation.



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yeh well the few people who go to imc mtgs have deicided so thats that

30.04.2011 21:32

wonder if it was done via "consensus" or ballots?

I think its a shame too, seriously not good that uk imc is going down because of one undercover copper,sad

another imc contributor