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Squatting Poll

Winstanley | 18.03.2011 11:21 | Free Spaces

Boozy faced Fatboy NHS Axeman Ken Clarke is pushing for squattingto become illegal.

Squatters bloc 26th March London and other actions...

If your bored let the Fail Dailyknow how you feel and vote in their poll 'Should squatters be jailed?' at...

The UK becoming a fortress for the international rich who currently account for most £££ land sales in this country and include frierndly war criminals, corporates, more fucking royals, property developers etc. The IMF want a mobile billeted workforce so watch out for social housing too. No borders to capital and no land rights for the poor. You didn't pay attention
did you? Cuts may be the least of your worries in Police State Britain.

Mayday in Mayfair anyone?



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