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Edinburgh's Forest Cafe under threat

imc uk | 07.12.2010 19:18 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

The landlord of the social centre network member "Forest Cafe", the over a hundred year old charity"Edinburgh University Settlement" (EUS) filed for bankrupcy end of October, with reported debts of over 4m [analysis].
The Bristo Place property is currently for sale and in a planning dispute.
Now the Forest Art and Event Space collective is running a fundraising campaign [ info pdf] to buy the building [ Ryan's report]. The Forest Art and Event Space started in 1999 in a small shop at the Grassmarket primarily as a collective of artists, but quickly became much more. It hosted a street party and the Independent Media Access Centre during the G8 protests in 2005 as well as supported grassroot political film screenings [Dan's account] and events such as the Argentina Autonomista Tour, activities around the "Smash Nato" protests, Painting with the Zapatistas, The Lost Film Festival, Food Not Bombs and much more such as punk gigs, feminist, video activism and climate change weekends.
Main Reason for the bankrupcy of the EUS seems to be the financial advice of David Duff, former Hibs chairman, who nearly brought the football club into administration, too, and who had been jailed for property investment fraud before [ analysis ].

police in front of IMC at Forest Cafe
police in front of IMC at Forest Cafe

imc uk


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