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Butcher fined nearly £10,000 after sheep were left without water for days

anon | 05.10.2010 20:06 | Animal Liberation

A butcher has been fined ten thousand pounds for animal cruelty after sheep were left without water for days. Premier Halal Meats in Calderdale were fined £9401 after pleading guilty on 4 counts of animal cruelty. The butchers claimed that there was a "mix up" over delivery times and dates as an excuse for not giving the animals any drinking water. The Halal butcher also flouted religious rules on cruelty

Premier Halal Meats of Brookwoods Industrial Estate, Holywell Green, was handed a £9401 fine after pleading guilty to three counts of failing to look after animals.

About 860 sheep were left without water or enough space to move and lie down for days, Calderdale magistrates were told.

Prosecutors said the sheep were trampling each other in a pen while drinking water troughs had been switched off.

A meat hygienist visiting the slaughterhouse in February said he found 11 sheep dead due to being trampled and suffocating.

Debbie Wilson, representing Halal Meats, said the situation had occurred following a mix-up between a delivery driver and the abattoir supervisor over what time sheep would be delivered. The company had made significant changes to the way they operated following the incident, she said. "There is no excuse and we have to take responsibility," Mrs Wilson added.

The case against slaughterhouse supervisor Mohammed Hussain, who failed to attend court, was re-listed to be heard on 27 October.

Premier Halal Meats began trading in June 2009 and was sent a letter by DEFRA in October 2009 raising concerns about the number of sheep being kept in pens.