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English Defence League London Division in support of the UAF against the BNP

Anon London | 07.08.2010 21:18 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

The English Defence League are an Islamophobic organisation with Divisions all over the UK with links to racist groups such Blood and Honour, Combat 18, BNP and UKIP etc. Their biggest foes are Unite Against Fascism [UAF] who are a branch of the Socialist worker Party [SWP]. The English Defence League London Division have however defended the UAF's officer Martin Smith against the BNP.

The party leader of the racist British National Party is Nick Griffin for anyone who doesn't know. The BNP are a party who are racist and against immigaration. They have made Islamophobic leaflets. When Nick Griffin spoke on BBC's Question Time the UAF and other anti racist groups protested outside the BBC and some fought their way in while others tried to push the police out of the way to get into the studios. Flares and smoke grenades were let off.

Martin Smith of the anti racist group the UAF will be appearing in court in early September [possibly the 8th] on a serious charge in relation to the protest.

The English Defence League London Division have said this week via their facebook page: "Support UAF officer in court after BBC demo against BNP leader. I think I would rather support Martin Smith on this one".

Some of the replies from EDL fans on the EDL London facebook show what we suspected all along ...some of the English Defence League football hooligans think that the UAF is a football team / firm and they have written which teams they would rather support instead ie Millwall, West Ham etc. One of them, however, wrote "I would rather support Goebbals".

The English Defence League will be protesting against "the Islamification of Britain" in Bradford on the 28th August. The English Defence League London Division will be going too. Which team are you supporting we ask them? The rest of the EDL and the many racists that are linked to them or the UAF who will be going up to Bradford too?

Anon London