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Ian Tomlinson death: police will not face charges

Indymedia London Features | 29.07.2010 01:16 | G20 London Summit | Repression | Social Struggles

Protests were held in London and Manchester after the Crown Prosecution Service announced that the police officer who was caught on video striking Ian Tomlinson,who later died, during the G20 demonstrations in London in April 2009, would not face criminal charges for Ian Tomlinson's murder.

Quite a few people took the opportunity to express their anger and grief, about Ian Tomlinson and everyone who has died at the hands of the police.

In London, after a short halt at Bank, the crowd went to Cornhill to have a minute of silencein memory of Ian Tomlinson.

Read Last Hours timeline and a report.

London Class war have called for people to gather outside the offices of Keir Starmer the DPP next Friday 30th July from 12-2pm. Ian Cameron of the George Davis Defence Campaign will be speaking there.

Proposed revised letter if you want to write to your MP.

It may come to no surprise to many that it appears that the Police are able to do exactly as they please without any real repercussions for their actions, even when that includes assaulting an innocent man such as Ian Tomlinson who happened to walk past the police.

It now appears that the police are completely unaccountable for their actions, but this case is so unjust in so many ways. Firstly the officer blatantly assaulted Ian Tomlinson and this has shown to be the case to the whole UK population and wider, yet no charge is being bought because it is over 6 months. Secondly the cause of death of Ian Tomlinson is still not certain, although it is likely it is linked to the assault, regardless of the cause of death the incident should be properly investigated and some conclusion come to, but it seems the police are immune to this. Thirdly the CPS are obviously spineless showmen setup to appease a corrupt system in order to show a public face of accountability. Their conclusions to this case are so weak and unacceptable it beggars belief.

Also there is no mention of the fact that members of the police force lied about Ian Tomlinson's death early on, which is effectively perjury and hindering an investigation, yet none of this has been addressed. Also officers were without numbers on their uniforms on the day this happened including the officer who assaulted Ian Tomlinson, yet this is not addressed.

So in general this send out the message of don't fuck with us as you know what will happen. We don't care if you catch us doing it on video as we will get away with it anyway, even if you show the whole UK population we will still get away with it.

Also if you are going to come out and demonstrate against the elites' viewpoint then you can watch out as we will concoct stories, assault you, take off our ID numbers and do what we want.

What does this mean for people who wish to protest against issues in the future, particularly those not so popular with the state?

But it does appear as we enter these time of massive cuts to our public services and dismantling of services that the general public are becoming more hostile to these lies and deceit of the police, government and big business. The guardian website has 1033 comment s on the story of which 99% are appalled at this decision, shows there is a large amount of public disquiet around this decision. Whether this will translate into action, we shall have to see.

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