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Newcastle Protest Against Police Violence

Geordie (A) | 30.07.2010 16:44 | G20 London Summit | Repression

A protest was held today in solidarity with the Tomlinson family, and with all those who struggle against police oppression and violence.

Demonstrators at Monument
Demonstrators at Monument

Outside the Police Station
Outside the Police Station

This lunchtime a lively demonstration was held in Newcastle city centre, protesting over the recent CPS ruling that the policeman responsible for the murder of Ian Tomlinson will face no charges.

Demonstrators met at Monument, and then armed with banners,placards, flyers and a megaphone, set off to the Central Police Station.

The station was picketed for an hour, and over 200 leaflets given out to passers by.

From the reaction of local people the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Demonstrations were also held throughout the UK, and internationally.

Pigs will pay!

Geordie (A)


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