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Hunter Shot, dies in agony: Gets Own Medicine

Zagovor | 28.07.2010 03:22 | Animal Liberation | World

Last Weekend A Victoria hunter was shot dead by another hunter who mistook him for a deer. This coward died in the same way that he wanted the deer to die: in agony with no help to turn to.

In Victoria hunting for deer is promoted as a "family activity".

On Channel 31, a so-called community-multicultural station, actively programs features that exhibit animal cruelty explicitly (fishing shows that constantly show fish in their death throes, bow-hunting and hunting as a festival.)

Over the years many hunters have been killed and injured because that essentially weak humans who believe that killing animals for fun displays strength and courage.

But the opposite is true, there is no courage in what they do and it is just another pointless, insidious expression of useless and redundant ZODS (Zombie Organic Destructive Systems).

Victoria is a State in debt. The Government approves of almost any activity if it adds money to the treasury, including Jumps Racing, Hunting, and fishing when there are dwindling fish populations.

At all costs the disintegration and decomposing of Capitalism and its desperate supporters must not be allayed. Especially when it turns to the destruction of the Earth and its creatures becomes a strategic move in this escape.

The Earth is Your Only Friend. Although it is a child struggling to survive it is not a child to be cared for so that rapine governments and financial interests can have their way with it.




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