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Job Seekers Only

Stop the mad cycle workshops | 05.07.2010 23:26 | Education

Michael Njoroge responds to comments.

One million Jobs Possible
One million Jobs Possible

Thanks Dickens, Nonsense and Puzzled for your response.

I’m for paid employment.

Imagine Dickens the benefit system budget is untouched due to the government ‘demanding’ the money back from the banks. Imagine Nonsense volunteer positions have become paid and pensionable jobs alongside diversity co-coordinator types. Imagine Puzzled moving on from welfare to work without dodgy motivational nonsense, fake training, employment advice, even A4E et al…

...Will unnecessary beauricratic interference, professional control and a mean man made cash flow crisis still be there to scale? Yes.

And because 'this issue affects a lot of people’s lives', will it not require a lot of people in paid employment to fix it?

Stop the mad cycle workshops
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more rubbish from the unending stream of nutterson Indymedia

06.07.2010 10:30

Actually, you're just anut. Michael. So fuck of and take your'e bullshit with you trollface.

Not puzzled

Employed to say I have a job and spout propaganda at us

06.07.2010 10:58

Is Michael Njoroge speaking in support of Welfare to Work? He advocates volunteering, as do the various projects put in place to deliver Welfare to Work at the moment. I can't quite understand what he is saying, or what , with reference to the current jobs market, his area of expertise is. What are, the one million jobs possible referred to in the caption? This issue effects a lot of people’s lives, and there are several private companies vying for big contracts to spout dodgy motivational nonsense at us, and the jobless are a nice fat meal-ticket for those involved in fake training, and employment advice. So no more emotive bloody drivel please.

The IMF wants people to become a mobile workforce, less risky for capital than the experimental tiger economies, who eventually want a better standard of living for their efforts. This workforce travels the globe, dependent and rootless as slaves, easily policed, and without land rights. They get fed as long as they serve the needs of the multinationals, very much as the laboring classes in early capitalism, but without the clout to force reforms.

This country has no manufacturing base and no real exports, it serves only capitalism, people who come here to work, come here for capitalism. I am tired of people spouting the propaganda of the IMF about welfare lethargy, I am capable of working extremely hard,and have considerable skills, but that doesn't count for much in the current swamp of humdrum corruption that liberalized economics has bred, and I am daily appalled by the work-shy employed, in their thinly veiled policing roles, their non-jobs, and the amount of over-payed arrogant pigs from all nations and all colours that owe their positions to dodgy political preferment.

meal ticket