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Job Seekers Only

Stop the mad cycle workshops | 05.07.2010 23:26 | Education

Michael Njoroge responds to comments.

One million Jobs Possible
One million Jobs Possible

Thanks Dickens, Nonsense and Puzzled for your response.

I’m for paid employment.

Imagine Dickens the benefit system budget is untouched due to the government ‘demanding’ the money back from the banks. Imagine Nonsense volunteer positions have become paid and pensionable jobs alongside diversity co-coordinator types. Imagine Puzzled moving on from welfare to work without dodgy motivational nonsense, fake training, employment advice, even A4E et al…

...Will unnecessary beauricratic interference, professional control and a mean man made cash flow crisis still be there to scale? Yes.

And because 'this issue affects a lot of people’s lives', will it not require a lot of people in paid employment to fix it?

Stop the mad cycle workshops
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