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The EDL are racist, fascist Nazis and Wayne Baldwin EDL Nazi proves it.

anon | 04.07.2010 11:50 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

The English Defence League [EDL] are racist, fascist neo-Nazis. The man pictured is Wayne Baldwin. He is a member of the EDL and is a regular at EDL protests, marches and rallies. As you can see he has an EDL t-shirt hanging on his wall alongside a swastika flag. He is no stranger to violence and has stab wound on his stomach, something he enjoys showing off on EDL demonstrations.

The English Defence League are a group of mostly football hooligans who say that they are against "Islamic extremism" but who are against all Muslims and have marched on Mosques across the UK. Some of the EDL are black, some are Asian Sikhs and shockingly there are even Muslims who have joined the EDL or support the EDL, ie Abdul a Scottish Asian who is a regular at EDL events and others [who are not being named because they are female].
The EDL have rioted in UK towns including Luton, Stoke, Bolton, Dudley and Aylesbury. The EDL was formed by a group of hooligans from Luton.

The EDL claim that they are not a racist organisation and say that racists and Nazis are not welcome. Perhaps they would care to explain Wayne EDL Baldwin, a neo-Nazi?



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