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Hunger strike against Leicester animal lab

Notts IMC | 16.06.2010 15:28 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Protests continue against the construction of an animal lab at the University of Leicester. Activists have targetted various companies involved in the construction, including Willmott Dixon. On Monday June 7, activists held a protest outside the WD's headquarters in Coleshill, Birmingham. One campaigner chained himself to a bench and began a 3 day hunger strike.

The campaign was established following the university's announcement that it was going to be building a new animal lab on Lancaster Place. Whilst the university claims that "vital" research will be carried out at the facility, campaigners content that the new lab "is squandering money away from potentially life-saving research which is accurate and does not involve abusing animals."

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Activists on the roof of Wilmott Dixon in Colehill
Activists on the roof of Wilmott Dixon in Colehill

Campaigners have set out to put pressure on all the contractors involved in the project: Willmott Dixon, NG Bailey, Bliss Brickwork, Wyse Group and Easi-Edge. Other protests at WD have seen a noise demo and campaigners on the roof.

The hunger striker received continued and phenomenal support from countless activists around the country and also in other countries including Ireland, America, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Netherlands, Poland and Germany. Activists were present with the hunger striking activist at all times of the protest.

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