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Furkan Dogan, Turkish/American,19, Killed by Israel; Shot in the Head 4 Times

K.L. | 05.06.2010 01:49 | Flotilla to Gaza

Furkan Dogan, 19, killed (executed) by Israeli soldiers on the Gaza Freedom Aid Flotilla. Shot 4 times in his head (at close range), and one time into his chest.

Furkan Dogan
Furkan Dogan

Gaza Aid Freedom Flotilla:

Furkan Dogan, age 19, Turkish/American citizen was killed by Israeli forces when Israel attacked the Freedom Gaza Flotilla in international waters. Furkan Dogan was shot by Israeli forces 4 times at close-range in the head and one time into his chest. I.e.Furkan Dogan was executed by Israeli commandos.

Furkan Dogan is just another (and not the latest) young person killed/executed by Israel.



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Teen-age Furkan Dogan, Shot in the Head 4 Times by Israelis

05.06.2010 03:28

"Nineteen-year-old Furkan Dogan was born in Troy, N.Y., and spent his first two years there, his father said. For the first time since, his father said, Furkan was planning to return to the U.S. this summer. But first, he signed on with a Turkish aid group to cruise toward blockaded Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid.............."

"Ahmet Dogan, a 49-year-old assistant professor of accounting at Kayseri University, says no one has been able to shed light on his son's final moments. He thinks Furkan may have drawn the Israelis soldiers' attention with the video camera he took with him to document the voyage.
According to friends and relatives, Furkan was the smart kid of the family—a freshly minted high-school graduate with good enough marks to study medicine at university. He subscribed to "Young Brains," a Turkish magazine with puzzles and articles on new technology, and liked to play chess."

"Furkan's family says he wasn't interested in politics. He played soccer online, and also played a decent midfield in the scratch games he and his brother played on weekends, said a friend, Murab Ergunes. He liked to stream American movies and music on his computer.

But he also talked about going to Africa to treat people once he qualified as a doctor. Stories about how people in Gaza were suffering made him want to get involved......"

Wall Street Journal
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Gangster state

05.06.2010 07:42

He was one of five victims who were shot in the back or the back of their heads, which means at the time they were shot they were no threat to anyone. These types of wounds are more reminiscent of gangland executions than battle wounds.


dunno about gangland executions, but ...

05.06.2010 17:59

... these wounds are reminiscent of those of inflicted upon a brizillian electrician in stockwell, london 2005

de Menezes
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