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Furkan Dogan, Turkish/American,19, Killed by Israel; Shot in the Head 4 Times

K.L. | 05.06.2010 01:49 | Flotilla to Gaza

Furkan Dogan, 19, killed (executed) by Israeli soldiers on the Gaza Freedom Aid Flotilla. Shot 4 times in his head (at close range), and one time into his chest.

Furkan Dogan
Furkan Dogan

Gaza Aid Freedom Flotilla:

Furkan Dogan, age 19, Turkish/American citizen was killed by Israeli forces when Israel attacked the Freedom Gaza Flotilla in international waters. Furkan Dogan was shot by Israeli forces 4 times at close-range in the head and one time into his chest. I.e.Furkan Dogan was executed by Israeli commandos.

Furkan Dogan is just another (and not the latest) young person killed/executed by Israel.