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Polish veganarchist arrested in Holland

ELF Support | 16.05.2010 09:00 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Repression | South Coast | World

Renata Zelazna is a Polish anarchist and vegan that has been studying and living in Holland. She is also spent some time living in Brighton, UK.

Recently while she was staying in Holland, she was violently arrested by the Dutch police after a claim that she had thrown a stone at a machine on a building site. But during her arrest, it is claimed that there was some trouble, and the police are now trying to charge her with attempted murder of the policeman who tried to arrest her. More info can be found here:

Renata has been severely beaten, denied food and water, denied essential sanitary products, denied clothing, and has been treated extremely violently by the police. She has been remanded to prison and fears she is looking at 6 years or more if charged with attempted murder. She is understandably distraught and very upset.

You can write to her at:
Renata Zelazna 7138606 cel 1/10
P.I. Ter Peel
Paterstraat 4
5977 NM Evertsoord
The Netherlands

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Don't open the door to strangers.

16.05.2010 11:54

I work on building sites and I often throw stones at my mates machines. It's a practical way of atracting their attention without getting dangerously close.

However I would never pick up a knife 'without thinking'. People who do such things are a danger to themselves and others. Remember knives are sharp and you could cut you're self if you are not thinking. Don't forget your health and safty!

The moral of the story though is don't open the door to strangers. If strangers break into you're home and you believe they intend to attack you, you have a right under common law to use proportionate force to protect your self. This common law of nesesary defence aplies in all jurisdictions.

It seems that our friend has opend her mouth and put her foot it. Why say that she picked up the knife without thinking and thretened someone with it. She was in her own kitchen propairing food.

Any way making an idal threat is not the same as attempted murder.
Yet it seems that the police have made repeated serious assults on her while in custody.
Remember "the police are not your friends" so don't talk to them;)

The man who always packs a knife in his luggage when he goes camping.

CHARGES do not equal convictions

16.05.2010 12:15

But sorry, from the description at the website to which you directed us it is clear that ONLY court procedings can make the determinations. And your description of events a gross distortion. She wasn't charged with attempted murder for "throwing a rock at a machine". But might I add, if throwing a rock at a human occupied machine it will take a COURT to determine whether the machine or the human was the target AND the consequences of accidentally hitting the human while aimign at the machine.

She was lucky this happened where she was. Pull a knife on a policeman here in the US and she wouldn't be charged with attempted murder, she'd be dead. I agree, she probably just lost her head BUT it's going to take a court to determine "temporary insanity" (likely her best defense).



16.05.2010 13:38

tempoary insanity?
Don't forget that the 'police' assalant was carrying out an assult on her at the time she was alledged to have made a threat.
Had this happend in the USA she may likly have been carrying a gun then the 'police' assalant would be dead and she would be put on death row, because the US only observe there own common law of nessasary defence when the assalant is black or poor.

The man who always packs a knife in his kit when he goes camping

Fair reporting on court cases

16.05.2010 15:43

I no longer take seriously reports of arrests on Indymedia seriously. So many omit or distort the charges to make out the 'fascist' police are just randomly arresting people or putting them away for nothing. Give all the facts or Indymedia becomes a joke.


Please read this

16.05.2010 22:41

Initially reading this about an anarchist who has has been bullied and abused by the state I was angered. Then I realised it was some 'animal rights' shite that takes the piss out of anarchism and anarchists. Sure you can get annoyed by state and capitalist abuses -


Pa Strami

Half the comments here make no sense...

18.05.2010 10:04

No-one ever said she was arrested for attempted murder for throwing rocks at a machine.

And I haven't a clue what Anon and Pa Strami are gibbering on about.


I think that

18.05.2010 18:03

What Pa Strami is trying to say is that because the victim of police oppression has fought against the torture and murder of sentient non humans that he doesn't care. Apparently if you care about animals and do something about the atrocities inflicted on them then you are not a "real" anarchist, doesn't make any sense to me but there you go, maybe he could explain? I don't describe myself as an anarchist but personally I didn't think that it included one person deciding what another should campaign about.Can anyone advise me on this because it keeps coming up this thing about how "proper" anarchists should not bother about the rights of animals, it just seems a bit elitist and I am rather bemused by it?

Lynn Sawyer

@ lynn sawyer

18.05.2010 20:32

i think they mean because anarchists that eat meat feel bad as theyb dont have the conviction to not eat a murdered or killed or dead animal, so they dismiss AR movement and the anarchos involved!

obviously that view is distorted for the following reasons:

animal liberation and the struggle to liberate 'humans', the 'total revolution', if you like, go hand in hand, side by side.
this is in my opinion: those who eat meat should not, those that kill animals and hunt them or take part in animal cruelty - knowingly, or because they are too weak to not do - should not...whether they are anarchists or communists or fascists or whatever!
we must liberate all and everything!
those that diss AR anarchists are 'usually' (not mathematically verified!) the same anarchos that dis primitivism, feminism, anti-capitlaism and probably even syndicalism...basically, they are not anarchists if they fail to understand the basic tenets of the school of anarchism and anarchist principles! in my humble and someways pointless opinion, they are merely 'anarcho-tourists', feeding off the real movements of anarchist defiance and legacy and watching as real people take part in real struggles and then they come on indymedia and spout off about who is who and what they stand for.
so what i am saying, lynn, my comrade, is that we should fucking ignore those that detract from the truth, the truth that animal slavery and the industries that feed off them and propogate them should be stopped, no matter what. they are in denial, as they usual eat meat themselves
also, the defintion of anarchist is in many ways irrelevant, for fucks sake whatever we call ourselves, the enemy will spin it around and call us terrorists. so we may as well not call ourselves anytthing and just revolt, sack the fucking lot of it and start again (maybe keep the good bits, like scrabble and picnics!!)

peace lynn...whatever that is..........

PS. or am i just ranting !!!!!


Thanks Fran

19.05.2010 06:56

Shame none of those who proport to be disciples of the one true train of anarchist thought do not want to play though. Anyway I am off to clean the house which is probably not that anarchisty either.

Lynn Sawyer