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Polish veganarchist arrested in Holland

ELF Support | 16.05.2010 09:00 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Repression | South Coast | World

Renata Zelazna is a Polish anarchist and vegan that has been studying and living in Holland. She is also spent some time living in Brighton, UK.

Recently while she was staying in Holland, she was violently arrested by the Dutch police after a claim that she had thrown a stone at a machine on a building site. But during her arrest, it is claimed that there was some trouble, and the police are now trying to charge her with attempted murder of the policeman who tried to arrest her. More info can be found here:

Renata has been severely beaten, denied food and water, denied essential sanitary products, denied clothing, and has been treated extremely violently by the police. She has been remanded to prison and fears she is looking at 6 years or more if charged with attempted murder. She is understandably distraught and very upset.

You can write to her at:
Renata Zelazna 7138606 cel 1/10
P.I. Ter Peel
Paterstraat 4
5977 NM Evertsoord
The Netherlands

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