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Chomsky& Znet's proposal for a new International - Because we feel the need for

postman | 10.04.2010 16:37 | Globalisation | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

An alternative proposal to Chavez's "5th international"

Because we feel the need for a global and democratically decided strategy to make the banks and investors pay for their crisis.

Because the resistance up to date is too divided, not coordinated and driven by particular interests to be as efficient as it could be.

Because we don't want to let Chavez - nor anyone - take the leadership of an International.

Because the global justice movement can decide it's own strategy democratically and because World Social Forums cannot play this role as some organizations want them to stay informal spaces for discussion.

Because "to do something" is not enough and because something is more effective when it is done in connection/complementarity with other things.

Because a hundred strikes/or other direct actions in one month are less powerful than a hundred made the same day.

Because different projects, irregular actions and particular movements should be offered the possibility to see themselves as part of the same process, and because they need a tool to collectively and democratically create this process.

Because mutual aid can be organized at an international level

Because we've made the experience that no one is strong enough to win on its own. " yet what force on earth is weakest than the feeble strength of one ? " but the International makes us strong !

Because genuine revolution in one single country is not possible

Because many people try to make things happen at their own level but don't involve into an organization as they think no particular movement would be capable of bringing about real change.

Because we need a tool to organize a-national struggles.

Give this proposal a chance

Make it heard !

Please click on this link to read the proposal :



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