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B&K Universal- Blood on their Hands RALLY

hull against b and k | 29.12.2009 00:37 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Liverpool | Sheffield

activsts from he north will decend upon b and k universal in grimston
and rally the blood and MURDER they cause
suppilers of hls
sequani labs
and the mod
plus many other vile groups

northern activists will rally against b and k universal in grimston to end to call for the end vile breeders b and k
we will rally at the gates of b and k
we will be calling an end to animal cruelty and the suffering they cause
we will be rallying with banners megaphones and plenty enthusiasm

together we will end animal suffering

please meet at the gates of b and k universal in grimston in hull at 12 . 30 pm

The Field Station, Grimston, Aldbrough, Hull, HU11 4QE


hull against b and k
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29.12.2009 11:54

What's the date?...

G. R. Ammer


29.12.2009 16:44

sorry i never notcied i missed out the date
the date is
the 30th january 2010 at 12.30

hull against b and k
mail e-mail:

Heads up from Hull

30.12.2009 04:28

The police will try every tactic in the book to shut down your protest and get you to move away, the original campaign suffered years of harassment from police officers from Hull. There's something going on between Gerry Bantin and the cops. When he says jump, they always ask how high?

Hull resident

Right, I'm ready........

01.01.2010 13:20

And I'm not messing about, good luck all, I will bring some wellingtons ..........

Steve Mclean