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Murdering lying copper

@C@B | 29.10.2009 16:28 | Other Press | World

A copper who lied about being on an emergency call when he knocked over and killed a member of the public in Kent,

was jailed yesterday. He had recently passed his exam to drive rapid response vehicles. He took a police car whilst off duty to deliver a birthday card to a reletave. Obviously showing off and abusing his position,he knocked over and killed a member of the public going about thier lawful business,while he blatently broke the laws that was his job to uphold. When the accident/purpose happened he continued to worm his way out of it. This snivellig little shit will probably be in the proper prison system for a short while before being transfered to a softer prison:Cat D,open. Hopefully he will be outed and justice will be dispensed. Or hopefully he will do the honorable thing with a rope.



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29.10.2009 16:37

The vehicles black box recorded him doing 104mph in a 40mph limit area. At another point he was recorded doing 107mph in a 70mph zone.


Keep him down.

29.10.2009 19:12

Public opinion will keep him out of Cat D conditions, you need to keep up the pressure! When he get's to the position of recat sing and dance about it. That's what the police do when police killers are near to resettlement, it hinders their progress. Cat D establishments don't want the hassle of high profile prisoners.

Prison officer