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Murdering lying copper

@C@B | 29.10.2009 16:28 | Other Press | World

A copper who lied about being on an emergency call when he knocked over and killed a member of the public in Kent,

was jailed yesterday. He had recently passed his exam to drive rapid response vehicles. He took a police car whilst off duty to deliver a birthday card to a reletave. Obviously showing off and abusing his position,he knocked over and killed a member of the public going about thier lawful business,while he blatently broke the laws that was his job to uphold. When the accident/purpose happened he continued to worm his way out of it. This snivellig little shit will probably be in the proper prison system for a short while before being transfered to a softer prison:Cat D,open. Hopefully he will be outed and justice will be dispensed. Or hopefully he will do the honorable thing with a rope.



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  1. 104mph — Anonymous
  2. Keep him down. — Prison officer