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Activists Back at Next One Leather

West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group | 08.10.2009 17:21 | Animal Liberation


Today, activists again visited Next One Leather because of their continued sale of real fur products.

Once inside the shopping centre (right past the security on the first floor!) activists headed up to the top floor where the N.O.L. shop is based and unfurled a large banner reading "Fur is Dead". Chants of "Fur Trade, Death Trade" echoed around and placards were also held depicting the reality of real fur. Support was received from those at nearby shops and, once again, Next One Leather had no customers present.

Shortly after, security staff arrived and drew even more attention to the peaceful protest, grabbing banners and attempting to shut us up. Why put so much effort into defending a poxy company who can barely even afford to pay their rent?! More security staff arrived and forcibly escorted placard holding and chanting campaigners out of the centre, again drawing more attention to our cause and the plight of animals at the hands of Next One Leather and the fur trade. Whilst escorting an activists out, one notably grumpy guard commented "You're not achieving anything you know." That's right, we're not achieving anything - explains why five local stores have dropped fur in the past fortnight and Next One Leather are the only one left in the county!

We will continue our campaign against NOL until all fur is dropped from sale. Their backers can escort us out, but this is nothing compared to what animals are going through to make the products they try so hard to justify and defend.

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Not SURE that I understand this one

09.10.2009 12:35

I do understand the strategy taking on one aspect of animal use at a time and waiting to later to take on the next area of animal use. But to target THIS sort of business for selling fur (things made form animal skins with the fur left on) when most of the rest of what they sell is leather (things made of animal skins with the fur removed) does strike one as odd.

Kind of strange to make the case "it's bad because the hair was left on".


Low-hanging fruit

12.10.2009 12:51

Can't speak for the activists who were there but everyone I've ever met in the animal rights movement realises that fur and leather are all the same: untold pain and suffering for nonhumans to fulfil the trivial desires of some selfish humans. No one who would go and demo the place thinks that wearing dead animals is only wrong if you leave the hair on, unlike many members of the public who regard fur as totally sick while hypocritically walking round clothed and shod in bits of dead cow. And this is point: the fur industry is a low-hanging fruit. Unlike leather, there aren't many shops around that sell it and there is considerable public support for getting it off our streets all together. It's a bit like selling foie gras and selling the meat of broiler chickens: both wrong but one much easier to fight than the other. When all the fur shops are closed no AR activist is going to go home satisfied - it will be time to move on to the leather shops then!

Last One Leather