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Zippos Circus Campaign

IMC Features | 04.09.2009 12:47 | Animal Liberation | South Coast

With Zippos Circus now in Southsea, the Southern Animal Rights Coalition (SARC) have promised protests for the duration of time the animal circus is in the area, as well as working with groups in Horsham and London where the circus visits next. Zippos is one of only eight British circues' that continues to include animals in its performances, using horses, birds and dogs.

SARC reported they are currently touring with at least 4 horses, kept in tiny stables, 3 Shetland ponies in very tiny box areas, one of which was circling around - a sign of stress in animals, and an unknown number of budgies. Zippos has carted animals up and down the country since February this year, as part of their 2009 tour, and are remembered for supporting abuse against elephants and a chimpanzee named Trudy.

The group said: "It is highly stressful being made to perform in front of bright lights, loud music and crowds of people, and highly unnatural. They have no choice in whether they perform or not and humans just don't have the right to exploit animals in this way for money."

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ALF actions against Zippos vehicles

17.10.2009 11:46

anonymous report (06/10/09):

"In North London various Zippos Circus vehicles were sprayed up and glued up last night in the name of the ALF. Animals are not property of the circus and compassionate people will not stop taking action until this slavery ends."

anonymous report (13/10/09):

"Zippos circus believes it can still get away with abusing animals for entertainment. We visited the circus late one night to show our anger at this belief. In order to disrupt their move to another location, we made sure the windscreens of most of their vehicles were covered with a chemical which will scratch glass badly. We hope they get the message that their feelings of superiority over non-human animals is wrong and unaceptable.

For the animals, the ALF continue to fight."

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