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Another day, another demo for Zippos Circus

SARC | 29.08.2009 18:11 | Animal Liberation | South Coast

SARC made sure that Friday nights punters at Zippos Circus knew that with all the tricks and lights was a much darker and more abusive side.

Sadly tonight was a busy night as it seemed to be the last day that a lot of the free tickets the circus gives out could be used.

People seemed genuinely shocked with the way the animals had been used and a few even turned away before the show had even started.

As usual, a number of people were fed up by the interval and one set of girls told us,

'When the man raised his hand the budgies flinched. Every time'

'The way that young girl brandished the whip was obviously scary to the horses'

Yet again, audience members used the words 'boring' a 'degrading' to describe the show and more members informed us that if they knew animals were being used in the show they would never have come.

The simple fact is that most people are compassionate animal lovers and know the ADI reports (found here) are a shameful excuse for animal care and respect.

Protests are now planned right up until this disgrace of a show leaves Portsmouth next Sunday and a full schedule of SARC protests will be available on the website over the weekend.

After a brief stint on the megaphones activists were, for want of a better word, hoarse. But Zippos were reminded that we know what happens behind the tent walls and we will be back time and time again to expose it.

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