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New Largest Investor Morgan Stanley Dumps HLS

SHAC | 15.08.2009 01:45 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | World

Activists from Win Animal Rights launched a campaign to influence the new #1 Huntingdon Life Sciences Investor, Morgan Stanley, (who recently bought LSR stock) to divest their large holding of LSR shares. With 679,225 shares of LSR stock, Morgan Stanley was a 5% owner of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Also, many emails were sent to Morgan Stanley asking them not to deal with HLS (LSR).

A lot can happen in a week...

On the afternoon of August 1st, activists visited the homes of 5 senior executives of Morgan Stanley including the two co-presidents of the firm.

Demo report

On Thursday, August 6th, activists from Win Animal Rights continued their campaign to influence Morgan Stanley, activists visited the headquarters of Morgan Stanley at 1585 Broadway in New York City. This was followed by visits to the homes of multiple senior executives of Morgan Stanley.

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On Friday, August 7th and Monday, August 10th, several hundred thousands of LSR shares were dumped, resulting in a downward slide of the share price. On Wednesday, August 12th. Morgan Stanley notified the SEC of their divestiture.

Thank you for making the right choice Morgan Stanley!

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15.08.2009 07:25

> .... resulting in a downward slide of the share price.
The price is flat to be fair, Its actually slightly better than many of the larger bio sector companies



15.08.2009 08:00

Share price
Share price

Spot the slide

Agreed somebody bought a lot on the 10th and the price partially recovered


This is fantastic news!

15.08.2009 12:28

It simply isn't possible for HLS to withstand the downward pressure they are under at the moment for much longer. They're losing Customers, Suppliers and Investors again, and these things usually go in runs...a case of where one goes, others are quick to follow!

The momentum is building up against HLS, and it's equally clear that the actions are finally paying off. SHAC is making some big break-throughs at the moment and if the pressure is sustained then we could see HLS go under by mid-2010...and whilst that seem a long way off, this is really starting to look like the endgame for a campaign which started over 12 years ago, (considering the protest camps immediately after the 1997 expose which did so much damage before SHAC started the mopping up operation that was planned to take around 18 months)!

Keep up the pressure, this campaign can and will be won.....

Someone who knows

S/Tokes you mis-understand

15.08.2009 12:32

With a MBO (management buy-out) offering $8.50 a share you'd expect speculators (special situations specialists) to push the price up to around 8.20-8.40 considering the current interest rates and less than 6 months. It's well below that so something is wrong. In addition a small up-tick would be expected after a large fall in one day. The key is how this pans out over next few weeks. With some commentators calling into question the MBO and indeed lawsuits filed against LSR from angry investors it's going to be a tough time.

City worker

triple correction

15.08.2009 15:43

The price will drop at the time of sale. Thats expected (supply/demand) because of the way it works. Everyone has bids on the price stack for buying and selling, so if there are suddenly more sell bids than buy bids then the price will naturally drop. Especially when there is no liquidity like this one. Then when its down, people start buying it again for the upswing.

prices are never static but volatile in any market and certainly don't follow headline news all the time. How many times have you heard of a company reported record earnings on the same day that the price is falling?

You cant really look at a 10 day range and get anything reliable on a technical nature. The best you can do is look at 3-6mths at least and then compare its movement to the healthcare and bio sectors. For all purposes, the price is going sideways and is stuck in a range of movement with no breakout either way looking likely


Don't forget the impact of the Campaign when considering investors

16.08.2009 13:02

Many, many, many speculators have had their fingers burnt dealing LSR stock...either with protests or losses, and the willngness to stay involved for any length of time is VERY minimal!

Baker's MBO is a joke, a last criminal throw of the dice to save the embarassment of being delisted from yet another stock exchange and the resulting collapse, (and potential implosion), that would cause...the end of HLS is in sight, so everyone just needs to keep the pressure up and the house of cards will collapse.

I don't see any angles the UK Government could use to bail them out this time, (short of nationalisation, but could they really nationalise an American company?), so their last chance to save HLS will be even more cynical repression and disruption of protest, (but I still don't believe this will be enough)!

One thing is for sure, and that's that there are exciting times ahead for the AV movement,

Someone who knows

proof in the price

16.08.2009 13:15

... Many, many, many speculators have had their fingers burnt dealing LSR stock...either with protests or losses, and the willngness to stay involved for any length of time is VERY minimal!

not true, otherwise it would show in the price. The price tells you what is happening, everything else is bull. And at the moment its saying things are pretty stable.


Stoke - listen to the facts

16.08.2009 13:43

Even a well respected NYTimes financial analysts has stated that LSR is traded 25% lower than it would without AR campaign.

If you read the SEC "background to the proposal" it states that there are risks involved such as AR campaign stopping capitalisation which could cause a default on their loan!

Their book to bit ratio is still below 1 (ie they are getting less work in than they are doing) and this is despite the fact that they have slowed down their work!

In fact HLS made more profit in the last quarter by trading in the currency markets than they did from vivisection.... hardly a successful company.

Why do you come on here and lie?


To read

16.08.2009 13:48

Here's a good analysis of HLS predicament

Looks like they are in bigger trouble than any AR person ever thought!!



16.08.2009 22:47

> Even a well respected NYTimes financial analysts has stated that LSR is traded 25% lower than it would without AR campaign.

OMG. OK - Never, ever listen to analysts. That doesn't mean do the opposite, it just means don't listen to them,

Why? Well think about it -- If an analyst was right even 51% of time, do you think he sit and be a lowly analyst on a pittance (relatively) salary or would he go out and make 10s of millions from his expert knowledge?

I remember at the beginning of the recession scare. This "analyst" was on TV saying credit card companies were a sure bet for growth. He was arguing that people would spend more on credit cards and that the companies would profit more, and therefore urged amateur investors (on national TV!) to invest in credit card companies like Discovery and Capital One.

I remember screaming at the TV because I couldn't believe they had this "expert" on the news. Yes, people would borrow more, but more people would default on their payments too. About 6 months later, I actually shorted (bet that the price would drop) against Capital One because I thought they were the most agressive company (especially in Europe where they were trying to break into new markets) who would give their card to anyone and therefore would face big problems with non-payers.

Turns out i was right. I made a lot of money out of it. The lesson is, never ever do what analysts say to do. Use your own nonce instead. Just because this guy spouts about the stock being 25% undervalued doesn't make him an expert. If he was, he wouldn't be wasting his time make analyst broadcasts, he would be out there making big money for himself.


Stokes makes a straw man argument

17.08.2009 01:49

LMAO Stoke you have just made the worst straw man argument ever. Because an analysts was wrong at some point in the past that mean that Steven Davidoff (an internationally respected expert on corporate takeovers) is wrong. LOL you don't even offer any proof to your assertion whereas Davidoff shows his rational and refers to the evidence (forms filed with SEC by HLS).

BTW Stoke how is your security training business going?

The Blogger


18.08.2009 23:31

It is quite funny how Stoke stopped postng as soon as they were outed as belonging to a corporate security company. I guess their client should deduct some money. This really s a piss-poor attempt at disruption by these private security companies.