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New Largest Investor Morgan Stanley Dumps HLS

SHAC | 15.08.2009 01:45 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | World

Activists from Win Animal Rights launched a campaign to influence the new #1 Huntingdon Life Sciences Investor, Morgan Stanley, (who recently bought LSR stock) to divest their large holding of LSR shares. With 679,225 shares of LSR stock, Morgan Stanley was a 5% owner of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Also, many emails were sent to Morgan Stanley asking them not to deal with HLS (LSR).

A lot can happen in a week...

On the afternoon of August 1st, activists visited the homes of 5 senior executives of Morgan Stanley including the two co-presidents of the firm.

Demo report

On Thursday, August 6th, activists from Win Animal Rights continued their campaign to influence Morgan Stanley, activists visited the headquarters of Morgan Stanley at 1585 Broadway in New York City. This was followed by visits to the homes of multiple senior executives of Morgan Stanley.

Demo report

On Friday, August 7th and Monday, August 10th, several hundred thousands of LSR shares were dumped, resulting in a downward slide of the share price. On Wednesday, August 12th. Morgan Stanley notified the SEC of their divestiture.

Thank you for making the right choice Morgan Stanley!

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