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Highgate Farm Protest Camp - Wednesday's Timeline

SHAC | 29.07.2009 23:25 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Sheffield

Image Market Rasen Mail front page - application/pdf 1.4M

Market Rasen Mail front page
Market Rasen Mail front page

Wednesday's picture
Wednesday's picture

Wednesday, 29th July

The council have been back to the camp, and are now happy for us to stay. All earlier issues have now been resolved. The camp will go on! The campers would like to thank everyone who has contacted them with messages of support, it's really appreciated.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire have been down to the site for interviews and to have a look around. They will be covering the story tomorrow morning during prime time, between 7.30-10am.

The council have attended the site again, but despite earlier eviction threats they simply provided the camp with bin bags for rubbish. The camp is also on the front page of the Market Rasen Mail with a really good article (click the attachment to read it). Geoffrey Douglas is currently writing a letter to the paper to try and justify his supply of animals to research establishments.

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Good to hear all is well

30.07.2009 10:35

I'm thoroughly surprised NETCU's Bacon et al haven't been down wielding truncheons and stun guns, that's usually what happens to peaceful SHACtavists whilst they're sleeping at night.

Glad to hear they're letting the camp stay though, it seems a rarity these days that people are actually allowed to utilise their right to peaceful protest.

Scottish Shac supporter

Animal Rights

30.07.2009 16:47

Thursday, 30th July

During the night a shot rabbit with a rope tied around it's neck...

Horrific - and that rabbit isn't an 'it',



30.07.2009 20:55

The rabbit was a sentient creature brutally shot in cold blood by a callous killer. However the campers had to much respect to check the gender. Therefore it is hard to know what would have been a more appropriate turn of phrase.

Obviously the real villain is Highgate Rabbit Farm, who not only snatched the life of this wild rabbit, but also send countless thousands of other animals to an indescribably cruel death on a regular basis. You can contact the farm to register your outrage on: 01673 878259 and 01673 878 232

Steve Discombe

Correct grammer

30.07.2009 21:12

I understand the campers had the repsect not to check the gender, although its not hard or difficult to know the turn of phrase which would of been appropriate and correct grammer.

Individuals are referred to as they, their, them, etc.
Objects are referred to as it, that, etc.

So it should have been: "During the night a shot rabbit with a rope tied around their neck..."

Seems pretty obvious and simple now doesn't it!!



30.07.2009 21:36

Appropriate is 'his or her'.


I hope you spent as much time calling the farm?

30.07.2009 21:58

As you did discussing a trivial misuse of the word 'it'?

Major support for all the campers though.

Time waster?

No other LGBT AR activists?

30.07.2009 22:05

Or a gender-neutral pronoun could've been (and from activists I'd expect would've been) used.

Hir (he or she) would be the most accepted term.



30.07.2009 22:39

I disagree the use of 'it' is a trivial matter in respect of animal rights.


Grammar police?

30.07.2009 23:53

Will the grammar police please fuck off, not everybody is an articulate know it all. Heck you lot can't even agree on what it's supposed to be after a couple of posts.

Let's stick to the issue at hand here, the animal abuse.

Scottish Shac supporter

To time waster and grammer police

31.07.2009 00:38

Objectification is trivial? Tell that to black slaves and oppressed women.

"Heck you lot can't even agree on what it's supposed to be after a couple of posts."

Yes we can thanks, their OR hir. Their is naturally gender-neutral you idiot!

"Let's stick to the issue at hand here, the animal abuse."

Exactly. Stick to the RADICAL [root of the] issue: objectification of non-human animals which leads to abuse. Just because people make mistakes and it's posted by the most effective animal liberation campaigning organisation, doesn't mean people shouldn't apologise.

There are more important things to argue about so please stop defending objectification.



31.07.2009 00:49

Our use of language is extremely important in this issue, 'it' is used to represent inanimate objects...we should not - must not - be using language which supports/reinforces the perception of animals as inanimate objects.



31.07.2009 08:29

that it has been changed on the SHAC site and the Indy timeline, you can direct your anger at the farm by phoning them on:

01673 878259 and 01673 878 232.

Or even better, get up to the camp and support them.

Steve Discombe


31.07.2009 08:36

veg@n: their is a singular pronoun, and is gramatically incorrect. People could continue using it wrongly if they like, or they could educate themselves on a real gender-neutral pronoun. We are supposed to be fighting for the liberation of all - which includes transpeople.

Instead of getting defensive and calling someone an idiot for pointing out a mistake, learn from the comment they made. Even if you already knew of the correct term to use, others may not have and could benefit from it.



31.07.2009 09:16

I'm a bit confused - if I saw a human corpse I would probably say something like, "I just saw a dead body - it looked horrible". And If someone told me that someone had eaten my last pie I would say; "Who was it?"

Doesn't seem speciesist to me, just seems like proper grammar. But anyway - all of you people arguing this are phoning the farm as well right? You know the people who actually killed this rabbit, and breed thousands of others?

If I was inside Highgate Farm being bred to be tortured, I really wouldn't care who called me what - as long as they were trying to get me out!


Point of order

31.07.2009 16:24

"'it' is used to represent inanimate objects...we should not - must not - be using language which supports/reinforces the perception of animals as inanimate objects."

It (definite article) IS a rabbit. The rabbit IS dead.

Therefore, the rabbit is demonstrably inanimate. QED

Even if the rabbit were alive, 'it' would still be a rabbit.

He might be a male rabbit or She might be a female rabbit but unless you were to 'disrispek' the rabbit by upending it and investigating its undercarriage, it is more convenient and terminologically correct to say it is a rabbit.

Inspector Fanny

for future reference

06.08.2009 08:44

To avoid the whole 'he / she / it' hassle, I think in future a short ceremony could be held, marking the life of the rabbit and mourning its death. In the course of this, those officiating and dressed in the appropriate robes could respectfully sneak a peek at the rabbit's bits and DISCREETLY (out of the late rabbit's earshot) whisper their conclusions. Perhaps the press and local residents could be invited.