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Highgate Farm Protest Camp - Wednesday's Timeline

SHAC | 29.07.2009 23:25 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Sheffield

Image Market Rasen Mail front page - application/pdf 1.4M

Market Rasen Mail front page
Market Rasen Mail front page

Wednesday's picture
Wednesday's picture

Wednesday, 29th July

The council have been back to the camp, and are now happy for us to stay. All earlier issues have now been resolved. The camp will go on! The campers would like to thank everyone who has contacted them with messages of support, it's really appreciated.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire have been down to the site for interviews and to have a look around. They will be covering the story tomorrow morning during prime time, between 7.30-10am.

The council have attended the site again, but despite earlier eviction threats they simply provided the camp with bin bags for rubbish. The camp is also on the front page of the Market Rasen Mail with a really good article (click the attachment to read it). Geoffrey Douglas is currently writing a letter to the paper to try and justify his supply of animals to research establishments.

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