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Preparations for Calais No Border Camp taking shape

No Borders | 04.06.2009 23:31 | Migration

Initiatives from the UK, France, Belgium and Germany are currently preparing a protest camp against border controls in Calais, France. The camp, which will take place between 23th and 29th June, will include a transnational demonstration on Saturday, 27th June. The callout describes the aims of the camp as "highlighting the realities of the situation of migrants in Calais" and "challenging the authorities on the ground, to protest against increased repression of migrants and local activists alike." The camp mobilisation in the UK is carried by the No Borders UK network, which calls for the freedom of movement for all and an end to all migration controls.

Resources: Callout for the camp | Transnational demonstration | Red Pepper article | Schnews article | Mobilisation video | London No Borders page about Calais | Travel to demo from London

A mobilisation tour around the UK, which includes an exhibition of striking photographs from Calais by a French photographer, is already underway. The tour is currently in Manchester and will then move on to Cardiff.

The tour is also used to promote a new No Borders publication, A No Borders A-Z, in which the network describes its positions as "anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian."

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