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Parents in Lewisham Occupy School Roof in protest at closure!

riotact | 25.04.2009 11:50 | Education | Social Struggles

The spirit of the Glasgow school occupation and the Visteon workers has spread and parents in a primary school in Lewisham have occupied the school roof in protest at it's closure.

Lewisham Bridge Primary School is a thriving community school, recently given a Grade II listing by English Heritage who have described it as having "special architectural and historic interest".

City based livery company Leathersellers wish to knock down the school and convert it into a Foundation School, something long objected to by many residents, but strongly supported by Lewisham Council.

Leathersellers have already stated that they have no wish to have a Travellers Education Service at the school, despite a large Traveller site nearby and also have no plans to incorporate a Special Needs Unit into the school.

Anger spilled over when parents began being forced to bus their children to another school over one and a half miles away whilst this historic building stands empty.

The occupiers have stated they will remain as long as is necessary and a public meeting yesterday attracted much support. Workers involved with the recent Visteon Factory Occupation in Enfield have also been down and spent time on the roof in solidarity.

Parents have asked anyone in support to come down and show solidarity and if possible to do a shift on the roof. A further meeting is due to be held outside the school on Monday 27th April at 3pm.

The details are on this facebook group:

and the background is on this blog:


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on it

25.04.2009 17:27

lewisham and greenwich have such a history of selling out schools like this. i went to john roan where exactly the same shit is being pulled by new labour stooge nick raynsford. ill be along on monday.


Good on them!

25.04.2009 17:49

Good on them! Another group of ordinary people decide to take the route of direct action!

The thing that I like most in this story is the presence of the Visteon workers at the protest... two completely different struggles becoming linked in solidarity - perhaps a growing realisation that all these protests are part of the same struggle.

Hopefully this direct action will continue to spread. Give support any of the direct-actions that you can!




26.04.2009 11:27

All power to them, parents here in Glasgow occupied their school over the Easter break whilst others occupied the roof of their kids school in protest at the council's scheme to close nearly 10% of our primaries and nurseries.
Go on the parents!
I hope that folk are going to get down there to offer support.



28.04.2009 09:24

Do you just swallow whatever is sent to you? What do you actually know about this situation? You don't mention the other side at all, not even the extreme need for secondary places in the north of the borough. I've got a lot of respect for indymedia, but it seems in this case someone occupies a rooftop and you assume they automatically deserve unconditional support. There are two sides to this, each with legitimate points to make. It's a shame you couldn't do some actual journalism and put those two sides.