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Bank Bosses Are Criminals

Bank Bosses Are Criminals | 25.03.2009 17:17

A group calling themselves Bank Bosses Are Criminals (BBAC) have claimed responsibility for the attack on Sir Fred (the Shred) Goodwin’s house and car. The much loathed former Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive had his plush Edinburgh mansion trashed and his prized Mercedes S600 badly damaged in the dawn attack – just 24-hrs after it was revealed his former employers still pick up the tab for insuring his fleet of luxury motors.

The BBAC issued a statement saying…

“We are angry that rich people, like him, are paying themselves a huge amount of money, and living in luxury, while ordinary people are made unemployed, destitute and homeless.

This is a crime. Bank bosses should be jailed.

This is just the beginning.”

Sir Fred’s expensive tastes

Wallpaper costing £1000 per roll was allegedly used to decorate the lobby outside Sir Fred’s office after a small stain was spotted on one wall.

And it has also been claimed two huge RBS boardrooms were re-carpeted twice, at a cost of £100 per square yard, because Sir Fred did not like the colour.

Other allegations recently leveled against the beleaguered banker include splashing out £100,000-a-month on part-time chauffeurs and having fruit specially flown in from Paris.

And it has also been revealed that the reviled banking boss has just opened an account at a private bank reserved for the super-rich.

Prestigious bank Adam & Company, which is based in Edinburgh’s exclusive Charlotte Square, claims to deliver a personal service to clients with “complex financial affairs”.

The exclusive bank, who have offices in Edinburgh, London and Guernsey, were bought over by RBS in 1993, but operate as a private bank with RBS as the parent company.

Bank Bosses Are Criminals


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Good to see

25.03.2009 17:46

Not just the ALF targeting banking executives then... keep up the good work!


Go for it...

25.03.2009 19:09

Not completely sure, but maybe a new RAF is being born here?
And no, I'm not thinking about the Royal Air Force... :-)



25.03.2009 19:28

A Government with any guts would've issued writs already against the oh-so-cosy board members of RBS who voted to give Goodwin an annual pension that's worth more than most people earn in a life-time.

A Government with any guts would already have been to see the luvvly Brenda in her Palace about Goodwin being stripped of his knighthood.

A Government with any guts would have brought in a windfall tax now on the pensions of any and every director of a bank that has had to be hauled out of the mire with taxpayer's money.

But then again: a Government with any guts wouldn't be New Labour anyway.

Bank Bosses Are Criminals: absolutely! And so is the Government that allowed them to commit their crimes.

Roger Wright


25.03.2009 20:05

Bank Bosses Are Criminals (BBAC) - damage footage

Sir Fred Goodwin's house and car attacked - local media report

until all are free


25.03.2009 21:00

Does anyone know where I can donate towards the funding of BBAC?


Is this the end of Aparthy

25.03.2009 21:50

Tell me this is the start of things to come. Reaction, Action & Retribution.

The Government ignorant towards the common people they serve have failed us, consumed by their own greed & corruption they protect the holders of their money with ours.

Hearing the news about this act of vandalism (Sir Freds House)has sent me into a frenzied dash for my pc to tell the world how excited i am about this small act, a spark of revolution perhaps. Bring it on i say. Have the british finally started to awaken and say enough is enough, a self protection gene kicking in to action?

God help us, we have so many issues to address. The excitment is too much to contain and i'm waiting for the next protest, This saturday is the earth hour day which has already drawn the attention of the press to another action group then there is the G20 summit, will people join together and act against this government and its corrupt behaviour. This makes X Factor seem very dull.

Lets not forget that crime is an illegal act, however if all other efforts go ignored then the remaining options as used today are a cry for help. Therefore in todays twisted legal world a cry for help renders the crime as an act of expression, an outcry & therefore almost justified.


The world will be a better place when the dust settles.

Andy B

Sir Freds special police force.

25.03.2009 22:03

How is it i get attacked and the police send one person 3 days later, i am burgled and the police turn up 3 days later ( without forensics team). Was Sir Freds House damaged 3 days ago ? Either way there is a load of them, yet more special treatment.

Andy b

Great! Well Done

25.03.2009 22:23

Don't stop BBAC, it's time for a change in this country.

We've been arseholed by arseholes for way too long.
It's not just time for change, it's time for a new government! and a respectful and fair society.
How can you have a fair and respectful society with all the piss taking idiots in the power positions!
How can our kids grow up and believe in a system that rewards criminals and punishes the tax payer.

It's a shame Guy Falkes never succeeded!

Danny F.

now you have your own Boston Tea Party

25.03.2009 22:33

Good job, guys. This is the only way things will change.

In my country we are getting screwed by the bankers too and our government has established a “fund for friends” for the banks. Banks are getting free money from the taxpayers and turning around charging the people 30% for credit card balances–all the time while we fund their multi million dollar bonuses for failure.

Phone calls to our senators were running 50 to 1 against a bailout but America is now run by the mongolian banks (Rothchild interests here) through our federal reserve. They lobby our legislators by buying them little boys, drugs, hookers, and gambling and get whatever they want. So there does not appear to be a peaceful solution.

We called it the Boston Tea Party and you guys have fired the shot heard round the world and started the good fight.
Best wishes to you all and hopefully a cinder from your revolution will strike a spark here.

Mike USA

michael lavery
mail e-mail:

more cars

26.03.2009 00:57

it said on the news that he has a whole collection of cars including 2 ferraris so how come they weren't fucked over?


Good photos

26.03.2009 08:51

No comment.


beats marching

26.03.2009 11:10

are they connected to or associated with M15 are criminals (MAC), Politicians are Criminals (PAC), Property Speculators are Criminals (PSAC), Bailiffs are Dirty Scumbag Criminals, Smash the City and The Standard (SCATS ) or the Continuity Wombles?

note to lazy arrogant overpaid thicko journo scum - the Vandals were not 'vandals' - you cliched tossers.

daily standardograph

post comment, report comment

27.03.2009 16:58

Any guesses which paper will pick up on the fuckwitted RAF comment above?

Probably the one that posted it....