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Bank Bosses Are Criminals

Bank Bosses Are Criminals | 25.03.2009 17:17

A group calling themselves Bank Bosses Are Criminals (BBAC) have claimed responsibility for the attack on Sir Fred (the Shred) Goodwin’s house and car. The much loathed former Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive had his plush Edinburgh mansion trashed and his prized Mercedes S600 badly damaged in the dawn attack – just 24-hrs after it was revealed his former employers still pick up the tab for insuring his fleet of luxury motors.

The BBAC issued a statement saying…

“We are angry that rich people, like him, are paying themselves a huge amount of money, and living in luxury, while ordinary people are made unemployed, destitute and homeless.

This is a crime. Bank bosses should be jailed.

This is just the beginning.”

Sir Fred’s expensive tastes

Wallpaper costing £1000 per roll was allegedly used to decorate the lobby outside Sir Fred’s office after a small stain was spotted on one wall.

And it has also been claimed two huge RBS boardrooms were re-carpeted twice, at a cost of £100 per square yard, because Sir Fred did not like the colour.

Other allegations recently leveled against the beleaguered banker include splashing out £100,000-a-month on part-time chauffeurs and having fruit specially flown in from Paris.

And it has also been revealed that the reviled banking boss has just opened an account at a private bank reserved for the super-rich.

Prestigious bank Adam & Company, which is based in Edinburgh’s exclusive Charlotte Square, claims to deliver a personal service to clients with “complex financial affairs”.

The exclusive bank, who have offices in Edinburgh, London and Guernsey, were bought over by RBS in 1993, but operate as a private bank with RBS as the parent company.

Bank Bosses Are Criminals


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