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Days of Action: G20 London Summit

IMC UK Features | 25.03.2009 15:11 | G20 London Summit | Climate Chaos | Workers' Movements

The G20 group (or G22) will be meeting at the Excel Center, London, on April 2nd 2009. The main aim of this summit is to discuss how to re-build confidence in the financial markets and “re-stabilise” the world economy given the current financial crisis. The meeting will be composed of finance ministers from the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Union, and the World Bank.

Callouts: Reclaim The Streets | Climate Camp | Summer Of Rage | Bristol Dissent | Fossil Fools Day | G20 maps (easily printable versions)

Links: G20 Meltdown | Climate Camp G20 | Manchester G20 | Put People First | We Won't Pay For Their Crisis | Stop the War Coalition | Palestine Solidarity Campaign | The British Muslim Initiative | Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament | What is the G20? | Indymedia UK G20 topic page

G20 Melbourne Summit 2006: A first communiqué from two uncitizens of Arterial Bloc (Video) | Payback: 100 Melbourne Police violently attack | V for victory | Photos

We are your crisis!
We are your crisis!

On 28th March thousands will march through London as part of a global campaign to challenge the G20. Marching for jobs, justice and climate action, a militant workers: direct action bloc has also been called by anarchists, using solidarity as a weapon in the steets whilst putting working class anger first.

A Financial Fools Day Street Party (Reclaim The Streets) and a Climate Camp have been organised for Wednesday April 1st. For the G20 Meltdown initiative, four blocks against the war, climate chaos, financial crimes and land enclosures (borders) will march towards the Bank of England and the financial district, the square mile 'protest exclusion zone' in the City of London.

On the morning of the summit, Thursday 2nd, activists will deliver thier message to capitalism by banging on the doors of the Excel Building, while anti-authoritarians attempt to crash the London Stock Exchange as traders arrive for work. A second march organised by STWC, PSC, BMI and CND to the G20 conference centre is to follow the days events, with further direct action planned against the summit. (1 | 2).

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read the Guide to Public Order Situations

25.03.2009 17:22

Read it at or download it to print here:

It's useful for dealing with crowd situations where the police want to stop you doing what you want to do, and gives you an idea for what tactics you might want to prepare.

And any updates from stuff you observe during the G20, send them in to the email address listed in the guide (the manchester AT one - incorrect address listed in the PDF), or by post.
It's due for an update. Thanks.

to prepare for the G20

Think Carefully

25.03.2009 19:56

I am as equally concerned, angry and fustrated about the system we live in, as anyone who supports this cause. I agree the current state of capatism must change, to save both our society and our panet.


What will taking to teh streets in our thousands do at THIS moment in time?

It will mearly cause A) resentment from the wider nation;
7.2 million on tax payer money in policing
Stop people getting to work, who are already struggling to bring in a wage.
Likely damage and vandalism to people's property
Be immediately stamped as 'anarchist yobs vandalise london'

Allow the british government, after they have had (likely some form of confrontation/violence) on the streets, public damage, financial loss (for a country that is allready struggling) to bring in yet more authoritarian protest laws to PROHIBIT such protests in the future (which if they continue down their route) will come.


It won't help, it won't change things for the better. Spend the time and effort on political education and campaigning , to VOTE LABOUR OUT and press for change.

Comments welcome from an alternative point of view.


learning from g20 in melbourne

26.03.2009 05:25

maybe something of interest at the link above

learning from g20 in melbourne
- Homepage:

A to B on the 28th? Maybe not...

26.03.2009 10:26

The Putting People First march will form up along Victoria Embankment from 11am on the 28th March, before setting off at noon. It will then make its way past Parliament and through the centre of London to the rally site in Hyde Park.

Want to do something a little different?



26.03.2009 15:17

Think carefully... have the last nearly 10 years in which there has not been signs of rioting at all but a despotic, tyranic demo-fascist social "peace" stopped the British state and capitalism from increasing their repressive arsenal and policies?... YOU KNOW THE ANSWER AND THIS IS NO.

The power does not give a damn on how violent or pacific you are because it does what it has to do at every moment and solve its problems as they arise. Of course, those in rule will always prefer a well tamed bunch of slaves worrying about not getting late to work and the well being of the nation etc..., than a rioting mob of conscious rebels denying with its mere action any value to this world based on commodities, private property and hierarchy.




marching for jobs

27.03.2009 10:09

Join us on the Youth March for Jobs as part of the protests against the G20. The ‘Youth Fight for Jobs’ campaign is taking up the issue of job losses and the lack of jobs for young people. The campaign will be launched through a ‘March for Jobs’, in the tradition of the Jarrow Marchers, to the G20 on 2 April. Unemployed youth, young workers, graduates, school leavers and more will march past 4 of the poorest boroughs in London, assembling outside the London Assembly building on Tooley Street at 10am, marching past the Bank of England, past Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Newham finishing at the G20 meeting at the ExCel Centre where Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT, among others, will address the marchers.

Youth March for Jobs

March for Jobs new route and times

Thursday 2 April, London

Unfortunately the police refused to agree the initial route applied for. However, on the basis of a sustained campaign, they agreed to this route, which no longer passes parliament, but still passes the bank of England and finishes at the excel centre. As you can see from the map, marchers now take the DLR for part of the route and start an hour earlier.

London Assembly

St Johns Churchyard Park, Tower Bridge Road / Tooley Street, by the south bank side of the tower bridge (nearest tube London Bridge). Southwark has the tenth highest unemployment rate in Britain.

10-11am - south London trade unions will host breakfast and a send-off rally.

Opening rally speakers

Paul Callanan, Greenwich Socialist Students

Martin Powell-Davies, Lewisham NUT branch secretary

Nadine Houghton, Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Council (pc)

April Ashley, Southwark Unison deputy branch secretary (pc)

Andy Tullis, Lambeth Unison, children and adults’ services convenor

Onay Kasab, Greenwich Unison branch secretary

Bank of England

11.30am - march past the Bank of England.

Skirt around the border of Hackney into Tower Hamlets

Mile End Park

Mile End Park is the London borough of tower hamlets which has the third highest unemployment rate in Britain. Nearest tube mile end.

1pm - East London trade unions will host lunch and a rally.

Mile End Park rally speakers

Len Hockey, Waltham Forest Unison Health Branch Secretary

John Reid, Camden RMT steward

Suzanne Beishon, Hackney Socialist Party

March through Tower Hamlets with Canary Wharf in the background. Then catch the DLR from Poplar station to Canning Town station.

ExCel Centre

3pm - Protest against the G20 - don’t make us pay for the bosses’ crisis!

Final Rally Speakers

Bob Crow, RMT general secretary

Sean Figg, Youth fight for jobs national organiser

And others still being confirmed

If you want to be a marcher please get in touch with youth fight for jobs on 020 8558 7947 or go to to sign up. Overnight accommodation is available for 1 & 2 April – but the organisers need to know in advance!

mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Radowitzky responce and futher thought

27.03.2009 13:47


No, you are right in this respect, it has not. However correlation doesn't mean causation. The cause of increasingly repressive policies is (in my opinion) the lack of political education, interest and concern that the nation has towards politics. The BG can do what they like, because most of the nation is more concerned with celebrity big brother that evening.

And as far as the 'NATION' goes, you should care. Even if 10,000 people rally in london, there are 60 million people in the UK, and all they will hear from the media (i assure you) is
"yobs case damage, cost taxpayer money, assult police, etc etc".

I'm afraid the message of * activists fighting for UK rights, for ethnic minorities and a better world* just WONT get through. MOST people don't know whats going on, why were in the state we're in, and what to do to stop it. Percieved or actuall disruption, damage

Tell me clearly, what effect, what outcome will come of these protests? What will a
"rioting mob of conscious rebels" on the streets of london actually achieve at the G20?

I agree entirely with what you stand for, but disagree with the approach you are choosing to take.

On the other hand, think what Millions & millions of people, writing, campaigning, educating and motivating the british people to lobby, campaign, vote or even run for local government will achieve.


marching for jobs

27.03.2009 21:39

I can understand the 'marching for jobs' attitude, but people should consider that job's are not handed out as a somekind of right. At uni, the government is giving you something to do, but in the real world you need to take opportunities and not moan about 'unfairness'.

There is no fairness. Why should there be? You don't find a giraffe saying its unfair that there are no berries and waiting for a handout. It goes and finds them itself. Moaning about no jobs reminds me of an old house mate who used to moan there was no food in the cupboards when he had money in his pocket and had a shop down the road with food in it. Instead, he wait for someone to give him some food or go hungry instead.

"Marching for jobs" has to be one of the worst oxymorons in the world. If someone is advising you to do this and telling you that you will get a job by doing it..... you have really got to ask: are they the best person to be handing out advice? About as productive at getting a job as staying in bed.

Every minute that someone is protesting is a minute where they don't actually want a job. Either they are looking for a job or they are not. Either way - a decision has been made.

And, if you really can't possibly get a job then go self employed instead. Everyone has skills and can do something of value. Personally, I think it is ludicous to choose to work for some middleman parasite employer who creams off your hardwork.



28.03.2009 15:01

Violense and damage to property will not achieve much but splitiing into small groups of 20 to 30 peaople and blocking all the main roads into London will cause so much disruption that even the police vehicles will find it hard to move through the traffic jam.

Ofcourse if the police want to get violent then I hope they will gat the appropriate response. Like for example at the Gaza demo at the Hyde Park underpass where the police in riot gear thought they would be brave attacking peaceful demonstartors where no cameras ould record their brutality. A week later a number of policement were knocked to the ground and injured.

The respect has to be both ways. Some in the police are just thugs looking for violence. I saw this at a pro zionist rally couple of years ago when a police just started hitting a friend who had done nothing, and I mean NOTHING! The police said to him "What you looking at?" He said "nothing" then this massive 6 foot plus cop just started pounding into him! Looks like that day the met decided to have their most racist cops with a love of violence on duty!

If the cops don't behave and use appropriate and proportionate force to keep things in order, then I hope all hell breaks loose in London!

But for now I think the best policy is to block A40, A4, North Circular, Oxford Street, Knightsbridge, Park Lane, Tottenham Court Road, Bayswater, Edgeware Road etc etc.

If as a result of the gridlock it takes 5 to 6 hours for the traffic to flow normally again then I think even if the zionist cock sucking media does not wish to report the people caught up in the gridlock will certainly know about the protests!

John Smith

They Think the Public are STUPID

28.03.2009 15:28

It is very unlikely a terrorist attack by anti-western forces as they do not wish to alienate the British public from their cause! Think about it what would AL-Qaeda achieve by attacking a large number of people who are anti-war, committed to justice and tackiling third world poverty etc.

If a bomb does go off I would not be surprised if it was planted by British/Mossad/American agents!

But I think the real reason for the search is that the Police and Government are very nervous about violence at the march!

The public are angry! This anger has been building up for years.

The Iraq War - No WMD, LIES by government, LIES by the Media, Attack on Afghanistan, Israel's massacre in the west bank in Jenin, British unequivical support to the terror state of Israel, Israel attack on Lebanon, Abu Gharib, Baghram, british forces abuse of Iraqis in Basra, Guantanamo, Torture (Rendition), Lack of policies to tackle climate change and improve our environment, third world debt and exploitation of the poor of this world, the current deporession caused by the banks and the wealthy connected to government, bail outs to channel more of the publics money to the banks, reward for failure, the greedy capitalist wanting guranteed super profits like the railtrack privatisation. The greedy investors want money from government when things go wrong but will not share with any one when they make huge profits, The corporations who were gung ho about wars and attacking Iraq and Afghanistan, and who later benifited from the free unmetered oil from Iraq or piepline through Afghanistan. The special interest in Darfur and oil and gas found there, in Congo, even the gas found near Gaza.
The 100% support of the british government of Israel's massacre of the people of Gaza.
The bullshit bailouts of companies where a select few will take more money while millions will lose their jobs. Saving Wanker Bankers while letting out businesses go down like Woolworths!
Spending on Nuclear Weapons, Wars while our schools and NHS is suffering from a lack of funds. The list goes on but it shows one thing the people have had enough!
The wars, policies, the world bank, the IMF, the UN are just tools for politicians and their backers to benefit at the cost of suffering by the masses. Labour or Conservative almost ALL politicians are SCUM!

John Smith

Comment number 10

28.03.2009 15:51

was supposed to be about Hyde Park police search citiiing "terror threat" by the police!

John Smith

what will this achieve?

28.03.2009 21:13

a friend of mine started going on protests a couple of years ago. this inspired me to go to a stop the war march last year. i have been to several protests since.

nearly every time the issue of politics and the economy comes up, my friends express their disgruntlement. by going to the upcoming protests i hope we inspire a few more of our friends to come along.

you talk about alienating the public, but i have a news flash for you, WE ARE THE PUBLIC.

i believe protest is a cumulative thing. there were one million people on the streets when our govt lied to us to justify the 2nd Iraq war. when they lie to us to justify the next war (maybe Iran?) i hope there will be 3,4,5 million people on the streets of london.

and when 5 million people come together and stop the traffic, the govt has to listen.

oswald mcguffie


29.03.2009 08:41

I agree with Concerned's suggestion for political education and a serious and professional approach to initiating change via political institutions. However, I do think protests are a part of this process and don't view both methods as mutually exclusive.

I think the problem is that the 'blocks' making up the alternative groups hamper and guard their spheres of influence jealously, making any type of unified voice very difficult to achieve. This is the major problem with 'life-style anarchy' where many are too drunk, stoned or high most of the time to be able to realise compromise is needed, let alone put into action what is required to bring about long lasting change.


Watch out for police provocateurs!

30.03.2009 21:09

i urge everyone to watch out and photo or video any police provocateurs who dress like anarchists, mask themselves up, and deliberately fling rocks at uniformed police so that the police have an excuse to beat us up, start a riot, and the media slavishly trot out the propoganda. however, the daily wail mail did manage to photograph and report an incident with a proven police agent provocateur on a demo against Bush earlier this year. Google it and see for yourself. Also on you tube, search for union stops provocateur for incident in Canada.
As we dont have enough of the sleepy public on our side at this time in our histrot, violence will be counter productive. we have . There are times when we need to be non violent and other times when we cant. we need to think and act strategically. we need to build as wide a support and resistance to the global fascist elite.

heather waters

Carbon Criminal Infiltration

31.03.2009 15:39

Why are BMI involved in the second march? As an exclusionist airline with a business class this erodes the brand values of anti-capitalism and deglobalisation.

This must be stopped surely?


Undercover police

01.04.2009 00:09

It is common practice nowadays for the police to embed several dozen undercover offers in political demonstrations. Protesters should peacefully confront these people and prevent this type of political policing.

If you are part of a group, keep a keen eye on strangers weaving in and out of your group and the crowd.
Key signs to look out for: Mostly male, normally aged from 27 to 40, typically wear baseball hat and dark glasses in an attempt to hide ear piece. They generally avoid eye contact and ‘roam’ their allocated section of the protest, falling back and moving forward through the protest before falling back again.

f you suspect an individual, just speak calmly and civilly to the individual concerned and mention something about rumours of ‘undercover cops’, maybe say something about Chomsky or just general left wing politics, they are easily spooked!! Ask them who they came with, where are their friends- undercover always (in political protests of this nature) work alone and the answer should give you indicate if they are genuine protesters. Try to keep undercover police on the periphery of things as they will often initiate arrest operations and generally act to gather intelligence for the authorities.
SMS, twitter and such like will be monitored, so be careful.

Good luck!!!


With regards undercover cops!

01.04.2009 07:41

If you discover one, gather your comrades and KICK HIS FUCKING HEAD IN

Good luck!

Aunty Christ
- Homepage: http://ACAB


02.04.2009 22:27

You are an exemple for all the anti-capital around the for the companion..and congratulations from Madrid.
We are the future and the victory avanti,came on, adelante,pra diante...popular pawer.



02.04.2009 22:37

You are an example of for the companion...congratulations from Madrid.
We are the future and the victory..avanti,come on, adelante,pra diante.



02.04.2009 22:37

You are an example of for the companion...congratulations from Madrid.
We are the future and the victory..avanti,come on, adelante,pra diante.



02.04.2009 22:47

You are the exemple for the for the companion.
We are the future and the victory avanti,came on, adelante, pra diante.
THANKS.Congratulations from Madrid.

mail e-mail:


02.04.2009 23:17




02.04.2009 23:17



Bravo London?

02.04.2009 23:31

What's that all about? A couple of windows smashed and a few window blinds stripped from the windows. Oh yeah, a shining example of protest and anarchy!