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Climate Camp Cops feel the heat

Climate Camper | 12.03.2009 11:25 | Climate Camp 2008 | Energy Crisis | Repression

The Guardian continues it's coverage of the over-policing of the 2008 Kingsnorth Climate Camp with coverage in today's paper of a Lib Dem report on policing at the camp.

Climate crime scene 2
Climate crime scene 2

The report appears to confirm claims that the camp was woken in the early hours by police using PA systems to play loud music including Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries and the Clash's 'We fought the war and we won'. According to the report this appeared to be an attempt to "deprive attendees of sleep"

Allyn Thomas, Kent's assistant chief constable is quoted as saying that helicopter warnings directed at the kid's march had been a mistake.

On Tuesday, the Guardian reported that Kent Police accepted that it was wrong to target journalists as part of their surveillance operations. This followed an earlier Guardian report that police are keeping the names of thousands of activists on a database.

Climate Camper


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Is their lieing now habitual

12.03.2009 11:59

Allyn Thomas, Kent's assistant chief constable, said: "We are also aware of one occasion when officers played music loudly and inappropriately. The police team was quickly identified and sent back to their home force."
But he did not send home the police helicopter which hovered low over the camp every night at 2am and again at 5am waking all the campers.
So don’t give me your bullshit, Mr Thomas, that the attempted sleep deprivation was not part of your tactics but just the actions of a few wayward officers.
The poor quality of Kent Police’s deceptions have been a common theme of this saga. They are not even clever enough to lie convincingly!

Any mouse


12.03.2009 12:26

Did the police obtain appropriate permission from the PPL/PRS before playing music to the public? There is a requirement to obtain such a licence although i can't find a fee band for 'outdoor psycological operations'. The fee for free outdoor events seems to be in excess of £100.
Will the Police now either produce this licence or pay the appropriate fee forthwith? Should we defend the interests of musicians and report this matter for further investigation and possible action?

For more information see:

The police are not above the law.


interesting to see what the police think....

12.03.2009 14:05

I read "the inspectors blog" blog (and others) as a sort of reality check. Froim reading it it seems that "normal" police have some sympathy with what we do and why we do it:

I can only conclude that organisations such as ACPO, NETCU etc are not police organisations as some would wish us to believe but instruments of political control put in place to serve the interests of the rich, powerful and well connected.

Next time a policeman wants to talk to you take time to explain this to him.


re bemused

12.03.2009 14:53

Nectu and Acpo are private companies and under no other control than the senior police officers who set them up. As private organistions they are not answerable or under the control of any elected body nor are they in any other way publicly accountable. The way in which the media refers and bows to them has created and maintains the myth that they in are in some way public bodies. this is not true..

You should also ignore 'bemused' suggestion about talking to the police. So what if a few on a blog somewhere seem in someway sympathetic to us. They are employed by the police, they are skilled at getting info from you that may later harm you or fellow campaigners. They can seem as nice as pie and write what they want on a blog but in all my years I have never seen one refuse to put on riot gear when ordered and attack peaceful men women and children with baton and pepper spray.

If you want to survive the safe option is not to trust any of them.

worried at niavety

re worried at niavety

12.03.2009 15:53

please take the trouble to read and understand what i am saying before misquoting me. otherwise you risk being mistaken for a police troll on a mission to make everyone paranoid.

stay alert, stay safe.


Well done Indymedia - The only place where you could read the facts at the time

13.03.2009 10:10

Much of the details which are now being published about the policing operation were covered at the time by Indymedia, but not in 99% of the media (really only the local paper Medway Messenger provided anything near ongoing accurate coverage and highlighted many of the dirty tricks etc).

This is why Indymedia is so important - thanks for all your efforts.

Anyone got a link to the report?

interested reader