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Celebrate BP's choice of Fossil Fools Day to celebrate its centenary!

Tony Wayward | 23.02.2009 21:26 | Climate Chaos | Culture | Social Struggles

For reasons unfathomable yet deeply pleasing, BP* has chosen Fossil Fools
Day - April 1st 2009 - to celebrate its centenary.

This will take place at the British Museum, where the not-so-great and the
far-from-good will quaff cocktails, snaffle canapes and watch a
celebratory film.

And we will be there too, between 6-7pm, to say ‘Your party’s over!'

Image by Nick Turner
Image by Nick Turner

Bring banners, musical instruments, a sense of climate justice and a
nonsense of foolery.

Meet at 6pm at the British Museum’s Gt. Russell St. gate – don’t be late!

(With any luck, you can help build a Climate Camp in the City of London
from noon that day, at the European Climate Exchange, Hasilwood House, 62
Bishopsgate, EC2N 4AW,, then head over to the British Museum
for this do.)

* BP = Burning Planet, British Plunder, Bloody Profits, Broken Promises,
Boring Parties, Breathtaking Protests and..? Send your unravelled acronyms

Art Not Oil: for creativity, climate justice and an end to fossil fuel
industry sponsorship of the arts
c/o 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES - send us your art!
See also
as well as Climate Indymedia:

PS. To mark this auspicious occasion, the Carbon Town Cryer has written a
song called 'Celebrate This!' Here are the words:

What can you have to celebrate?
I’m just trying to get this clear
Is it to cheer the melt as it accelerates?
To toast a reeling atmosphere?

And the sanctity of your story,
Its stolen power and its suppos-ed glory
We will not glorify
We are here to defy
To testify

I’ll drink to the ailing of the oil age
Not to your Empire of Carnage
To the purveyors of theft and murder
We say celebrate this!
Our fossil fuel-free kiss
Celebrate this resistance!

Ah BP, don’t you know your party’s over?
You’ve stolen your last four-leaf clover
Here’s to climate justice taking over

So you’re parading in bloodstained blacktie
Through your safe house the British Museum
Do you think you can hide behind its whitewashed columns?
Well dream on, BP, deep within your self-delusion,
Deep within your collusion

Don’t you know your party’s over?
I pray for climate justice to take over
These semi-submerged blood-soaked cliffs of Dover

Forgive me for urging your come-uppance
But deep beneath your cummerbund
I think you know what you have done:
A beautifully executed hit and run

So, I wonder: can we rain on your centenary
And dismantle this machinery?
Over 100 years of phony greenery
Can we grow some cleaner scenery?
And celebrate this -
Our fossil fuel-free kiss
Celebrate this resistance!

Tony Wayward
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