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Modern Movement

danger | 16.02.2009 11:44 | Climate Chaos

Anybody know who this bunch are or are funded by?

Came across this, what a fine bunch, does anybody have any idea who is behind them?

Might be useful to organise a counter demo.

Counter-Demo: Build Heathrow-3!
Support Airport Expansion: Thursday 19 February, 17.30 -19.30 on Parliament Square, East Footway

Following the government’s go-ahead for the building of a third runway at Heathrow back in January, various environmental and anti-flying groups have promised to oppose this development (and keep us grounded!) Campaign against Climate Change will be in front of Downing Street on 19 February to ‘take the message to Gordon Brown’ that we apparently cannot go on having ‘more flights’ and to urge him to join the 21st century. How ironic then that the anti-airport expansion lobby want to keep us in the 19th century and stop people flying!



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  1. re Modern Movement — phil
  2. I thought this smelled of the SpikedOnline people — anon
  3. Yeah, it's them... — LM watcher