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pflp salute british students occupying universities in solidarity with gaza

global struggle | 16.02.2009 01:43 | University Occupations for Gaza | Education | Palestine

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine commends the students of Britain for their movement of occupations in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and calls for the continuation and expansion of the movement, said the Front in a statement on February 12, 2009.

The PFLP commended the students at Manchester University and over 20 other British universities, who have responded to the call of the Palestinian people for support and solidarity in the face of the massacres and aggression against our people in Gaza, and the complicity and involvement of the British, US and EU governments and officials in the siege on our people and the attempt to subjugate and suppress our rights.

Rather than allow themselves to be complicit, these students have jumped to the forefront, occupying university buildings and demanding that the universities act toward breaking the siege against our people in Gaza, as follows (From the University of Manchester students' demands):

"1) University of Manchester should issue a formal statement condemning Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip, acknowledging particularly the effects on educational institutions such as the bombing of the Gaza Islamic University and expressing concern about war crimes allegations.

2) Support a day of fundraising across campus with the proceeds going to the DEC Gaza appeal.

3) University to publicise DEC advert in any way possible (including banner on the website) and put pressure on the BBC and sky to show the DEC advert.

4) All furniture & surplus supplies from buildings that are being renovated to be sent to Gaza on the Viva Palestina convoy.

5) Join the BDS movement through stopping sales of Israeli goods on university premises, the University should also stop buying any campus supplies from Israeli companies.

6) That the university divests from all companies directly involved in the manufacture of weaponry. We also demand that the university takes the issue of transparency in their investment seriously.

7) That the university publicly supports its students’ right to protest, such as occupations. That in line with this, the university will provide its facilities for a “Students for Palestine” conference, second week of April 09.

8 ) To send a public message of solidarity to the Islamic University in Gaza, whose campus has been virtually destroyed, and publish it on the university website and distribute it to the university wide e-mail addresses.

9) To give at lease five scholarships for Palestinian students as well as providing at least five scholarships for Israelis who refuse to serve in the IDF.

10) That the university make a module on the history of Palestine available as an optional module for any University of Manchester student.

11) That home fees apply to Palestinians students wanting to study at the University of Manchester.

12) No victimisation for those taking part in the Occupation, and free movement in and out of the occupied spaced."

The struggle of the Palestinian people for liberation is a confrontation with imperialism and Zionism at Palestinian, Arab and international levels, and these direct actions of solidarity are a critical part of our struggle to achieve our national rights of self-determination, sovereignty and return, and to break the stranglehold of imperialism and Zionism around our people.

Furthermore, when the level of NATO and European involvement is being raised in order to further the siege against our people and suppress our national rights, the struggle of these students to break the siege on Gaza and instead, internationally isolate Israel, is particularly important.

We particularly commend the students of the University of Manchester for passing a resolution to boycott Israel at its general meeting, involving over one thousand students, and send greetings of solidarity and support to all of the students and others struggling in Britain and around the world for the liberation of Palestine.

global struggle


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